Monday, December 8, 2014

Finished Garment

 Ok I have missed a few days of blogging but I have been a little obsessed with finishing this garment. These are all pieces of other garments that I either altered or cut from another piece. I have put them all back together with handstitching only. I like the finished piece. The sleeves were cut off of this shirt making it sleeveless. This would look really cute over a turtleneck shirt. This becomes more versatile this way with no sleeves so it can be warn in warmer weather or cool weather over another shirt. It is a tunic style and roomy enough for any size. It has these wonderful big pockets one has a discharged design on it and the other has a handstitched cross shape on it. I like how it feels on. I really love how it turned out. It is for sale even though i'd love to keep it for my self too .. haha. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing this .. at This has been a fun one to make and satisfying to stitch on.

I'd love to have your comments on it but no worries if you can't or just have nothing to say. Thanks for stopping over. :)

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Stitching artwear

 Ok so it's been a little crazy with the holiday and trying to get work done for a new gallery and tonight is the night when everyone comes out to see the galleries. I'll be down where I am now selling my artwear. So now I realize that I have to eventually replace what it there when it sells. I'm optimistic about that. I love to hand stitch things and here is a garment I'm working on. Some will have faces too. I can't really get away from them, 
they are always something I love to create. I started this stitching. It will either be a tunic or a dress. I could sit and stitch all day .. in fact that's what I did. Now I'm also thinking of creating large wall hangings. I've been inspired by so many that stitch slow, like
Jude Hill and Amy Meissner. I don't know how Amy manages to do her work and be a mom to little ones. Ok thanks for coming over and looking. I'm going to keep posting my progress and the work that I am creating. I am committing to you and to my self to keep posting the work that I am doing. Every day!! Thanks for following along and seeing what I'm doing. It keeps me going. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

After the 100 faces and beyond

I know it's been about two weeks since I finished .. hmmm maybe longer. I guess I learned that I work best when I make a commitment to painting in public way. I have been painting every day to some degree but not as purposeful as before. I may just have to do it again but for now I am focusing on some other things that I enjoy doing and that is redesigning clothes that exist. this is a little boys shirt that is so cute but I thought it could be for a little girl too. This is one of my little girls that I love to paint on a piece of denim that I then stitched onto the front of this cute shirt. The thread I used was pink embroidery thread so it's really sweet. I'm either going to try offering it for sale here or take it to the place I am now selling my artwear locally. We'll see. So if you're interested in this please email me as before. IT's adorable. Original art one of a kind. I think it will fit a new born baby as the size is 0-3 months. There is a close up also. I love to create these little girls and that's my molly girl in there too. I am also creating and hand stitching some other garments and my plan is to do at least one a week and I am thinking of posting some images of the progress. Thanks for stopping over and seeing what I'm up too .. i miss the posting so I'm glad to be back.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

100 Faces in 100 days! I finally finished!

Well I didn't think it would feel as though the time flew by when I started this project. I am feeling a bit surprised by my own sadness at ending this project. I am exceedingly happy to have done it though and tonight I'll be at our local thrift store that raises money for animal shelters. They are having an art walk and I'll bring my faces with me. I do love talking about this project. I have some things in the works regarding this work. I haven't really had the time to focus on it but I will now. I may take a few days off from painting, to do some much needed organizing. I tend to focus solely on painting and nothing else. hahah ..

There was a person that said they were looking forward to my grand finale. .. and I wanted the paintings to be extra special but I'm a little spent on the thinking aspect of this project. I wanted my work to be extra special and so I painted the elephant to go with all the Africa stories that I wrote about and this little guy is just so cute and my mom loved her elephants and had several wood carved elephants in her home.
I am really just so happy to push myself to paint every single day and I want to paint more and bigger and different things besides faces and what not. I realized how much I love color too and how I can use it to make me feel really happy. Some of the paintings really gave me great satisfaction. Some I realized the frustration of not being able to get it just perfect and sometimes I just had to say enough!! It's enough... and then as the days went on I painted longer and more details.. sometimes I wanted to paint less.. I'm just really glad to have made this commitment and stuck with it.. WOO HOO .. . I want to celebrate so I am guessing it will be tonight at the art walk.. by my self and with anyone else that comes over. So .. about the second painting here. I realized that my love of painting faces is the eyes. It's hard to paint the eyes or a close up of an elephant because they are so big. I really wanted to paint eyes for the end and so I lamented a bit and decided to paint a cat face with big eyes. I like how it turned out. So it's kind of a celebration that I have two paintings instead of one. I started out day one with three faces and so i'm ending with two. I think i'll go jump for joy!!!! Thank you to all of you that came over and commented and wrote to me on facebook and purchased my art. I have really been awwed by the support. Maybe one day I'll have lots more commenters but i have appreciated those that have. I'm just happy ..Thank you .. for watching even if you never said a thing. :) Its good .. it's all good.

The elephant and the cat face are both about 10 3/4 x 13 1/2 the biggest I think so far. They are each for sale for $100. If you would like to purchase one of these please email me at Thank you again .. it's been a wild ride and amazing. Oh and I'm not going to stop blogging .. I may do another project like this in the future. I will be making an announcement soon about what will happen with the portraits that are still available. Please do come back to my blog and see what I'm up too .. remember artists are people too and we need to make art and we need to make a living while we do it so please support artists by buying their work. It's important and it is valuable. We make the world a bit more interesting. Please help us do what we are meant to do. :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Day 99 and Under the Sea

Today is almost over .. i fell asleep as I was about to edit the photo of this and then write the post. Fortunately, I am awake again and I still have about a half hour before the day is officially over.

I decided to paint this beautiful fish today because it reminded me that I was so fortunate to have snorkled or swam in the red sea. One day I went with my mother to snorkle in the water out in front of the hotel where we would stay sometimes when we'd go to the port about three hours away from our home in Africa. We were in a sort of bay and there was a kind of jetty with a lighthouse .. we decided to go and check out the water's along the jetty. When we got to the other side the water was deeper and the view was like a magical garden of fish and color and beauty that I could only imagine in my head but there it was right in front of my eyes. This painting reminds me of that scene. I always recall that moment as feeling as if I'd jumped into a treasure box. I'll never forget what I saw.

If you would love to own this beautiful fish please email me at  Thank you for your support during this experience. I can't believe that this will be the last time for me to write .. see you tomorrow in this project. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 98 and a Chameleon

Well two more days and I will have finished a painting a day for 100 days. I still can hardly believe how fast the time went by. I am overjoyed really that I have accomplished so much. Today's painting is day ninety eight and this is a chameleon.

When we lived in Africa the children would often come by our house and try to sell us things. From cactus fruit to gum to chameleons. I always thought they were fascinating and they would always bring some different color fabrics so you could see how the chameleon would change to fit the fabric colors. It was amazing how they would blend in. We would always beg our mom to buy us one but she never did. We did occasionally buy some cactus fruit but no live animals of any kind. Except for our one dog Monster. When the children would come by to sell wares' they would sing .. Americana Fay Fay .. I spelled it the way that it sounded to my ear. We would always run to see what they had to sell .. children from two very different worlds. We loved parts of theirs and they loved parts of ours.

If you love this painting which took me many hours today while I enjoyed talking with my two boys today on the phone almost the entire time I painted. It was well more than an hour, infact it was about four .. email me at See you tomorrow and the next day. ")

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 97 and Jacques

Today is day 97 and while this isn't exactly Jacques it is painted in his memory. For a long time as we were growing up we always loved going to my grandma and grandpa's house. They were my mom's parents. We always had fun there and they were always loving on us. There was always good food and fun. There was also a little budgie named Jacques. And a gorgeous dog named Cookie. We loved both of them. If we were good my grandpa would let us go over to Jacques cage and open the door and put our finger out and he would hop right onto it. It was always fun to put him on our heads. He always seemed to like that and sometimes he would pull your hair. I think I remember he even would give kisses. He was never mean and always sweet. I don't know when he passed on and I don't know how old he was when he died but I always remember him being on my head and sitting on my finger. I'm glad to have thought of him and to paint this image of a bird just like him. It's good to finally get a painting done earlier than usual. Just three day's to go. :) If you would love to own this beautiful painting of this budgie, email me at See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 96 and Hedgehogs

Today is Day 96 and this is a Hedgehog. I think these are the cutest little creatures. When I lived in Africa I went to school at a military school. We were fortunate to be a part of a wonderful community of people. A group of American's living in Africa. I was eleven when we left so all of my experiences there were up to that age. I know I was at least ten when I would ride my bicycle to school and sometimes I would ride the bus. If I rode the bus sometimes I would walk to my best friends house. One day on my way home we went by another friends house. We went up to her house because when we walked by she was outside on her front porch. As we got closer we saw that she was sitting in front of a box and we went over and looked inside and this is what we saw. There were two or three in there. They were so cute they looked like miniature porcupines. We got to hold them and they were so sweet. We didn't hold them for very long before we put them back. I had forgotten about them until yesterday when I saw a photo of one somewhere.. This little guy reminded me of how adorable they were. Not sure they make good pets or not but they are cute.

If you would like to own this cute painting of a hedgehog email me at Four day's left and so I'll be back tomorrow. :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 95 and Frog faces

Well today is day 95 and there are now only 5 left to go. It's been amazing really. I really just find myself enjoying the painting and I spend a good bit of time on each of these paintings and even though I try to limit that I enjoy it so much that I put more and more into each one. Somehow the maps just seem to make a great background for the creatures that I have been painting on them. These guys have such personality with their big big eyes. and what appears to be a big smile. This is a tree frog but I've come across many toads in my life. One my dog got to messing with and I rescued it from her grip.. the toad just sort of sat there as if it were dead and then much later it was gone. I hoped that it was just resting and playing possom and that is what I hope and believe. And i've imagined it hopping away when the coast was clear enough to leave.

If you would love to own this cute frog face just email me at And have a great day. See you tomorrow!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 94 and The Northern Mockingbird

Today is Day 94 and the Florida State Bird. I did a Mockingbird yesterday but it was yellow. This one is grey and brownish. I don't know that I ever knew that this was the state bird. I love the realism of the eye on this bird. It's painted on a map of Florida that is on a book cover. I always thought that the Florida state bird was a scrub jay. There is something that seems very interesting about the size of the bird over the map.

I think that the best thing about painting this many paintings is the quantity .. and I'm excited about what will be next. I really have enjoyed most of it .. except for the late night hold my eyelids open with a toothpick nights. Not fun. I hope to have the day's to paint and I won't wait till the last minute to work on the things I love to do. I will always paint .. I don't know that I will always choose realism but I will always paint.

If you would like to own this bird face please write to me at See you tomorrow and for the next four days after that .. woo hoo.!!!

Day 93 and Mockingbird

Well today day 93 ended up being a good day and I have a new bed and I'm trying to stay awake to finish editing this story.

This past spring I went hiking with my sister and her husband. He caught a mockingbird singing .. it's a beautiful little video of this guy. I love it and decided it would make a good painting. Painted on a book cover and a map.

I am too tired to talk about much more.

Thank you for following if you do ..

If you would like to own this bird email me at This about 9 x 11 and the color of the  yellow looks odd on my screen so hopefully it shows how bright it is.

See you tomorrow. :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Today is day 92 and the Baltimore Oriole

Today is day 92 !!!  Almost there and today my life feels a little more normal and I am painting again in the MORNING!!! yes I have discovered the time of painting joy yet again!!! I decided to paint this bird because everyone .. lots of people love the birds. I love nature and I love birds too. This is painting is on a map that I have sewn to an old photo folder the ones where they open and have a paper mat for a  photograph. This one probably had a family portrait in it at one time but more then likely was put into an album and my mom decided to keep the folder. The map is of Virginia and Maryland and Washington D.C. Two states that I lived in. Virginia was a little town near Haymarket where I went to school and the other in Maryland where I graduated from High School. SO the Orioles are Maryland's state bird. They have such beautiful orangish yellow feathers .. so lovely. This is a young bird. I like the background of the map and I loved living in both states. We were close enough to visit the wonderful museums in Washington D.C. I spent many trips going to all the art museums there when I lived in both states. Maryland is where I lived my art.. I entered my portfolio into scholastic art awards and got my portfolio picked for judging out of many that were entered. It was the first time that anyone entered portfolio's at our school and three students entered and all three of us were accepted for review. Two of us won something we were told. We would find out at the awards ceremony. One was for a full four year scholarship to an art college of our choice. I couldn't sleep for a week. Sadly I didn't win. I think it would have changed my life and the course that it took over the next 30 or so years. I do still wish I had won but I am who I am because of all that happened. When I paint .. i try to paint my heart and soul right there, no matter who or what I'm painting. I'm really very grateful to be painting every day for the last 92 days and there were some bumps in the road but I've kept true to my commitment. I am amazed when I see all the work there in front of me that I haven't sold yet. I have eight more paintings to do .. and I'm just going to have fun with it..

If you would like to own this painting today of a Baltimore Oriole bird face please email me at See you tomorrow .. !!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 90 and 91 Abu and Coconut

Today is day 91 and yesterday I got home late after finishing pricing everything in my mom's house. I went and bought some groceries and came home completely spent. Even writing this here I had to think if it was last night that I actually went to the grocery store because at this moment it feels like it was days ago. That's really how my brain feels. Yesterday seemed to be more difficult with just hearing the ladies talk about my mom's things. It has been a great learning experience and I'm even getting paid to help ha ! But if I do this again for another sale I'm glad it won't be with my own family's stuff. So last night when I got home I managed to fix some dinner and sit down to do the daily portrait. I actually got started on this painting here and was so exhausted I fell asleep .. I had no chance of doing it in the morning because I was gone early .. So i made a decision to finish it up today and so I did paint each face on each day. I don't know where or why I decided to do this portrait but I'm guessing that it's because tomorrow I am talking to a friend and my life coach Theresa Pizzuto who is part owner of IOP and her own coaching business. I don't ever really talk about this but I have been working with her for a while now. I really don't want to explain it but feel free to contact her if you would like to know more about it. I guess the best thing I could say about her work is that she helps me be me .. and the best me I can be. This is a good thing. She lost her cat Abu who is the gray cat in this painting. It was a tragic sort of loss for her. I am doing some other artwork for her but I wanted to give this to her just because I'm grateful for all she's done for me. The other cat in the photo is Coconut and they did seem to love each other very much. Abu looks a lot like my own cat that died a long time ago .. 34 years ago. I miss that cat. So here's to Theresa and all her fabulous work as a coach and a diversity consultant doing good work to spread love and a listening ear to all who are in her life! I'll mail this off to you in the next day or so.
oh and this was painted on a piece of scrap wood from my dad's house. :)
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 89 and Kitten

Well today is day 89 and I missed it all tonight .. too tired after pricing stuff at my parent's house for the estate sale. I ate dinner and fell asleep and then painted this kitten. Not my fav painting but it's cute. Reminds me of the time I got a kitten for Christmas.. i named him Christmas Kitty. I loved him .. he was definitely my cat. That's all i want to say about him. Makes me sad though.

If you love this and want to purchase .. email me at

I'm going back to sleep now.

See you tomorrow.

: )

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 88 and an Indigo Bunting

Today day eighty eight. Just twelve days to go to reach 100. I am really just so thrilled to be painting every day for this many days.. I LOVE doing this !!!

Today I am still in the process of clearing out my mom and dad's home. I got to spend the day with the Estate sale people learning how they set up an estate sale. It's really amazing to watch them transform a house full of items into something that looks inviting. I will be there again tomorrow. It's been really good to be a part of it. However I seem to be unable to be present when anything sells. I feel this stab in my heart. It makes no sense to me .. I have no attachment to the items that are there but none the less I feel nearly overwhelming heartache when someone wants to buy anything. Then I saw one of the people ask if there was anything good? or someone else put on a hat and say something about the hat ... it all became rather personal. Even though none of the stuff was mine it was my mom or dad's. I was curious to see what people liked. Each person had items that they liked to collect. It was interesting to see which items they felt were the most valuable. So I found it all informative at least. IT seems that estate sales is a growing business here. Several of the estate sale people are booked for months. So ... today I painted the Indigo Bunting because so many people loved the Red cardinal from yesterday. Atleast my eyes are not needing to be held open with toothpicks.

Ok if you would like to own this beautiful blue bird .. email me at See you tomorrow. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 87 and Cardinals

Today is day 87 and this is a fabulous cardinal ... i should have started it this morning .  I didn't but I did thouroughly enjoy painting this one.

I am again late posting this but atleast I have an hour more since we are in Eastern time and our clocks were set back last night.

I am too tired to write much more .. i just love this cardinal though.

If you would like to own this cardinal send me an email at  see you tomorrow.


Day 86 and Day of the Dead

Today or rather yesterday was day 86. That's because it is officially it is already day 87 but I am still finishing up 86. I did do this on the correct day i just am so tired I keep falling asleep while I'm trying to post. I was originally going to do this skull portrait for Halloween and then realized that it was the day of the dead. So it's still so appropriate.

I bought this skull toy at a thrift store here in town and just decided I had to have it. I do think it's kewl. And I love that I have done my today's portrait of this skull. The eyes really make the whole portrait. 

SO I am so tired I don't want to write anything else and it's cold in my little room here and I am in a hurry to get under the covers and go to sleep. 

If you would love to own this face please email me at Today's face is only $86. Have a fabulous morning! See you later today!! haha ..  

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 85 and the Red Robin babies

Today is day 85 and this is a Robin and her babies.

When I lived in SC my house was in the woods in a beautiful setting. The house was old and falling down pretty much. I tolerated a lot but I loved where it was so much that I didn't really notice the things that most people did. Over a window in the center of the house was a nest. I watched it being built. And it was amazingly wonderful. There was enough there that the egg's were in a safe nest. When they all hatched it was incredible to watch the mother bird go out and come back to feed the little babies. I loved it so much. They all yapped and she was always trying to teach them to fly. They got so big in the nest and there were five of them two more then the ones in the painting.! They were so big that they had to sit on the edge of the nest. Then finally one little bird sat on the edge flapping his wings and I thought it would be soon that they would leave the nest. They were all gone sometime in the next day or night. I loved watching their progress.

This portrait is available to you for $85 and it is about 9 x 11 and it is painting on a file folder. Thanks for stopping over and I'll see you tomorrow. :)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 84 Muffy

Today is day 84 and i don't seem to be able to do them on time .. so maybe I am lagging. Just doing the best I can .. i keep falling asleep before I get them done.

Today was moving heavy stuff at my dads so .. I'm sore and still tired .. ha .. i am looking forward to not being tired.

Today's portrait is of a maltese dog and she is Muffy. Her official full name is Muffin Michelle. She was a sweet sweet girl that my mom originally bought from a breeder in Virginia when we first moved stateside. Her close friend wanted two of them and so she bought them and we had to take care of them for a while before they could be shipped overseas. I think something else happened too but I don't remember what it was. But what I am quite sure of is the fact that we had two maltese puppies and they were so adorable and so much fun to have that my mother was not going to do anything but keep them for us. We loved them .. Muffy lived for about 12 or 13 years. She was tiny .. about four or five pounds but she was fearless and she never was afraid of any animal no matter what the size. Most times other animals would run from the tiny fluff of white fur and barking this high pitched bark at them. I think that Muffy and Beau slept with my mom and dad most of the time but sometimes Muffy got to stay with me and my sister. I hadn't thought of it before but I have now .. i wonder if they are in heaven with my mom. I'm sure she would love to be with them and pet them and love them. Makes me think there should be a song called all the pets I've loved. Or maybe i'll just write a book .. All The Pets I've Loved. I love Muffin Michelle and Beau Brummel Bianco. Sweet dogs ..

If you would love to own this portrait please email me at This is about 8 x 10, sewn cards.  See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 83 and White Squirrels

Today is day eighty three and that means that there are only 17 left to do !!!!!

Last fall I was staying with my son for a while as I transitioned from my home in SC to where I am now in the sunshine state. As we were doing things around the town that my son lives in NC, we were driving down the road where his cabin is and suddenly he was making a U turn and telling me he wanted to show me something. We pulled into the long drive of a persons home and he pointed to a tree. Knowing that I love nature he told me just to wait and they would appear. I said what am I looking for? He said they are white squirrels. I sat there skeptical for a minute and then sure enough, two white squirrels came scurrying around a tree and playing and then another came from the bushes to add to the fun.

I was amazed and delighted to see these beautiful little creatures that most people really don't like. I guess it's because they are always stealing the bird seed. Probably one of my most fun ways to feed the squirrels was a time when my family had purchased a small wooden throne that had a nail in front of a seat. The throne was small enough for a squirrel to sit in and the nail was for a dried corn cob which squirrels love to eat. I sat in front of the window many times watching the squirrels eat corn. Free entertainment I'd say .. i love nature and I love the white squirrels.

If you would like today's portrait of a squirrel it is painted on a repurposed file folder with calligraphy practice paper and wrapping paper and a scripture card all glued to the folder the cards main word "grace" can be seen i think on the arm of the squirrel. He does seem to emulate grace. the size is approx. 9.5 x 11.5. Please email me at if you are interested. See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 82 Shambell

Today is day 82 and I did start this earlier and came back to it this evening. It's been a week that feels a bit like a fog because I've been so tired emotionally and physically. Today felt more normal than usual haha. This is good.

Tonight I decided to write about Shambell. I may have talked about her before when I talked about riding horses when we lived in Africa. I learned to ride at the British Consulates. My mom used to take my brother and I when we first started going. We always went with a guide and we always got to run the horses sometime and if we weren't careful they would run back to the stables on their way back when they knew it was time to go home. I always rode Shambell. She was a beautiful black stallion. I loved this horse. I loved her. When we left Africa I was just eleven years old. By the last year or so my brother and I would walk to the stables by ourselves and ride with the guide .. it was fairly inexpensive so I was often asking my mom for money to go horseback riding. It was incredibly fun. I always wanted to brush the horse when we got back. I was always grateful to the horse for letting me ride her. This is painted on a childhood storybook that was oddly enough Black Beauty, it's what got me thinking about Shambell. This experience always had me wishing for a horse as I was growing up. Sadly, there was never again any horseback riding in that way ever again after coming stateside. Except for one time when my uncle who had horses on his cattle farm rode with me on a horse to see if any babies had been born one morning. I had told him that I was comfortable riding a horse. When he saw there was a new calf he decided to stay and watch him for a bit and asked me if I wanted to ride the horse back to the stables. I excitedly said sure! He was something of a joker and decided to put me in my place and hit the horses rump and yelled "Get!!" and of course the horse took off and ran like a race horse all the way back to the stable. I held on for dear life and had to duck to get past a door threshold going into the barn. I was lucky I didn't hurt myself .. my Uncle thought it was funny .. No matter what, I've always loved horses.

If you would like to own this horse painting email me at This painting is 7.5 x 11.5. See you tomorrow!!!

Day 81 SHE

This is Day 81. I can hardly believe that there is less than 20 days till I will be done with my project. This past week has been really difficult to paint and post. My dear friend Judy has been here with her two children since Saturday and tomorrow she is leaving. I have had a wonderful time seeing all of them. Today my portrait is painted on a piece of masonite with a horoscope on it and I found these wonderful stick on letters so I used them to create the word SHE. I found this quote and thought I'd write it here. "A woman is like a teabag, you can't tell how strong she is till you put her in hotwater." I feel like I've been in hot water and right at the moment I don't feel so strong. So I'll be optimistic and pretend I will find out later that I am strong. The next few days I plan to sleep .. haha .. I only have a few things left to take from the house and I will help the estate people but I'm not sure I can be in the house when the actual selling of the items left takes place. So here is the first portrait with this much text on it. I like it.. and here I am again a few minutes past midnight .. sheesh .. and I am having a heck of a time trying to stay awake.

If you would like to own this portrait please email me at

See you tomorrow. :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 80

Today was done on day 80 but posted later.. because I was tired yet again and I got to go and spend the day with my best friend who was visiting from my former neck of the woods. We had so much fun that I didn't make it home till late but I had plenty of time to paint ..

I fell alseep .. before i got this posted at midnight. But I am still posting this anyway ..

I'll go for close enough rather than there are no mistakes ...............

Atleast this time my reason is having fun that I am very grateful to have had. Ok I'm going back to sleep... see you in the morning ..

email me at if you want this portrait .. ciao

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 79 and Feeling Transparent

Today is day 79 and I have been feeling rather transparent.. to tired to explain . .. just suffice it to say I am here . you can see me and sometimes i feel like you see right through me ..  ..                                                                                                                 If you would love to own this portrait just email me at you tomorrow..

Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 78 and the Shisa Dog

Day seventy eight and this is one of two ceramic dogs that I was given from my mother's home. They are terricotta ... not sure this is my favorite portrait but there is something about these dogs that is appealing. They are part of Okinawan mythology. They put pairs of these on the entrance or gates to their homes to ward off evil spirits. From reading some believe variations of this same thing. They give gender's to the dogs with mouth's open and mouth's closed. I liked where I read that the mouth open was female spreading goodness.  While other's say the female is the one with the mouth closed to keep in the goodness. I guess it is each to his own in how they interpret or were told were their previous loved ones beliefs regarding a Shisa dog. My mother had several of these around her house. I think she really just loved the looks on their faces and that they depicted the culture of a place she lived and loved. Yes my parents lived in Okinawa for a few years after their nest was empty. Yesterday was a long strenuous day and today I will be back at it again and then someone else will step in and sell the contents that is left. There is still so much left.. many items may not have sentimental connections it's just still letting go .. and then there are still the clothes that I am insisting on keeping. I have no idea where I will put ........i'll sigh and go get my boots on and get busy dealing with all that will happen today .. if you happen to take a minute to read this .. send me a thought of strength and love and compassion for myself and my loved ones that are going through this process with me.. we are all impacted by this good bye to stuff and a house .. a beautiful house with a beautiful garden and beautiful plants and a fabulous view..

As for my portraits .. this one is definitely diffferent and I don't really care how realistic it does or doesn't look .. it's where I'm at today.. if you would like to own a shisa dog email me at see you tomorrow..

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 77 and Good Grief

Day 77 and I titled this post good grief because I know that grieving is a process and when you can do it, it's good. But sometimes it just seems to hit you and kick you in the butt. Right now we're in the end stages of closing up the old house that my parents lived in for the last twenty five years or's difficult. Now there is every nook and cranny that has to be cleared out in the house .. NOTHING can be left there and so the reality of it hits hard and all the stuff has to be sold or moved or thrown away .. etc. And there is this sense of anxiety .. should I keep this ? How do I feel about this?

I will be glad when this is over...

It's just difficult.

The face today is a pouty sort of face .. that is how I feel .. sad and pouty. It will get better .. I will survive this load of grief and sadness ...

Send me an email if you would like to own this portrait which is painting on rusted fabric and has stitching on it. See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 76 Still having fun

Today is day seventy six and I just don't feel like thinking about anything really. Yesterday was a strange and stressful day and the best part of it was creating the portrait on the rusted denim and sitting there just mindlessly stitching away .. I do love the practice of stitching and as many of my stitching acquaintances and friends will tell you they find it addicting also.. so I am really enjoying the stitching aspect or adding it to the portraits. It really just reminds me of another project I hope to start after I finish this one. I have too many things that I want to do .. 
So what happened yesterday? My dad likes to mow my lawn, I offer to do it but he has to bring the mower here because I don't have one. Since he's here he likes to mow it. Yesterday was the mowing day and he was bringing me a piece of furniture from my mom and dad's room from the old house .. we left the mower in the front yard because that piece still needed mowing, we went move the furniture, which took about ten minutes. He left the mower by the sidewalk. I noticed dad was a bit winded from moving and removing furniture and so I offered to mow that little piece and he said OK !!! so I went to do it and there was no mower .. someone had carted it off. I noticed that the neighbor was sitting in the front yard across the street and I said did you see someone take the mower? She said "Yes" I said "why didn't you say anything? " she said "i didn't know that he wasn't supposed to take it, I thought it was trash" .. I apologized and told her it wasn't her fault and asked her what the vehicle looked like and she described it and then I looked down the street to the left and saw a vehicle like it driving away from us and asked her if that was it? She said yes that's it.. so yep .. i ran into my house and got my phone and gave chase to this van and I saw it and it turned at a light and then the light turned red .. by the time the light was green .. it was gone .. no where to be seen. I had called the police while I was in the car and told them I would just meet the police back at the house.. and my dad left. HE was not happy but he blamed himself for this ... the mower was still hot. It was not by the curb it was by the sidewalk. I guess if you want to get rid of anything at all just set it outside .. people will take it without even asking for sure if you wanted to get rid of it. The good news is that someone spotted the van later in the day and gave me the license plate .. still haven't heard anything yet. The officer said he would call me either way. Who knows .. so that's the story .. in my everyday life.. what a day. 

If you would like to own today's portrait just email me at it is the price of the day. This one is about 71/2 x 10. See you tomorrow .. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 75 Mending my heart with Stitches and Tears.

Today is day 75 and woohoooo .. it's not midnight and I'm still tired but .. it's not a torturous attempt to get the portrait done before the clock strikes twelve and I turn into a pumpkin again....

I have done stitching on faces before but I really want to try to combine two things here .. actually three. This is rusted denim that I have painted a portrait on and then I have stitched threads in sashiko style stitching. I really love how this looks .. and so this marks my three fourths of the way through. I have only twenty five days left to paint portraits. It's amazing really that I have gone so far .. and I have learned so much.

A note to my self..... I see you.... .. I hear your heart and I know that you are having a hard time saying goodbye to things.. that held the happiness and love of a mother .. the things that she surrounded herself with to make her happy.

What I notice is that my dad has built a new house with no sign of my mother. His words are there is nothing feminine. He misses my mother, he feels strange in the new house, there is something missing... no longer the touch of his wife. No longer the things surrounding them that she loved. Her energy is not there.. he misses the familiarity of his old home. The sunshine on the river water .. even though he didn't sit and gaze at it.. it was always out the window. I notice that it is never expected all these feelings that he struggles with. He didn't think this would happen. He thought it would make it easier..but he doesn't feel her presence in the new place .. not that things embodied her but that you saw her in the color of the pillows.. you saw her in the arrangement of the art. You saw her in the flower's that sat in every corner,  on tables and over doors and windows.. all of that is gone. I don't think we think about that.. I really don't know for sure what causes these attachments to things that I struggle with my self. We are selling a lot of things .. and I have a looming sense of fear that something will go away that I should have taken .. or that I should not sell.? Where does this come from? I don't know .. it's holding on .. .it's pain. All I can do is cry .. they are just things. They are just things ... I know she is in my heart.. Perhaps that's the mending in this portrait.. Mending my heart with stitches and tears.

I may not part with this portrait either .. but if you would love to own this one send me an email at Thanks for stopping over and I'll see you tomorrow.

Day 74 and I'm tired.

Today is day 74 .. and here it is again after midnight .. i'm tired.

This portrait is painted on a piece of rusted and walnut dyed fabric. I am doing a class with Katrina Rodabaugh called Slow Fashion Style. This portrait is stitched onto a piece of rust dyed fabric as a way of combining my love of portraits and stitching. :) I have acquired all of my mom's fabric .. there is a lot. Right now we are doing a garage sale at my mom's house .. while my dad is starting to down size after moving to a new house. I want to keep everything .. I can't keep everything but I still want too .. this is a struggle .

This portrait is about 9 x 11 and .. will have more stitching then what is here .. if you would like to own this portrait just email me at

Have a good day .. again I struggle .. but it will get better soon.. See you tomorrow..

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 73 and My Molly Girl

 Day seventy three and I must like torture because I waited again even though I said i wouldn't. Hmmmm .. tomorrow my plan is to make it the first thing I do. I guess I am making commitments to other people instead of honoring my commitment to my self. I think it's been getting more difficult to find stories to tell which is probably good because now I can just be in the now in the present with what life is presenting to me on a daily basis. This is my Molly girl. She is nearly fourteen years old. I love her very very much. She is a brave girl. When I lived in the woods in SC I would sometimes let her outside on a long leash with her older sister Misty. I have often thought that doing this was somehow wrong given the event's that took place when she was outside. But if I had a fenced back yard the circumstances would have been the same. I would have left them out for a few minutes unattended because they would always love to be outside. I often realized that i was very in tune with my dogs. I knew the sounds of their yelps or cries just like a mother with babies. So . . I can assure you that I was both horrified and worried sick when my Molly brave girl, found a copperhead snake in my yard on two different occasions. The first one she got over quickly the second one. I'd only gone inside for a minute .. but isn't that always the way.. she is a hunter, a miniature dachshund and designed to root out and dig for things. That's what she did. The second time was nearly too much for her .. luckily she was bit on the top of her head with her skull protecting her head and the skin just barely covering this strike hit that spot and she was lucky a second time. Swelling and I think horrible pain. I have found it very hard to feel good about having left her unattended given her nature .. but most times she just dug in the ground hunting for moles or digging up roots and having a blast doing it. About six months after that last snake bite her hair started turning white .. bless her heart. I have often called her a cat with nine lives... she's also had a cutebra larvae in her neck after staying with friends in even deeper woods one summer. Just the same she is a sweet loving dog and has been a wonderfully faithful funny toddler like dog to me .. she will eat anything and gets into everything .. But I have learned to love big .. because of her. I love her immensely and I don't even want to think about not having her even though I know it will happen at some point. So .. her portrait is precious.. .. not sure I can part with this one either ..

But if you want this one write to me at See you tomorrow .. EARLY !!!

Day 72 and Heidi

Well I guess there is a first for everything.. this is about 27 minutes after midnight .. whaaaaa .. But today I went over to help get things ready at my dads house for a sale to empty some of the contents of their home since moving to a new house. So i didn't start first thing this morning and then I was distracted with all the things that I WANTED to do before leaving my house to participate in an art walk in the town where I live. I went to that and after my friend met me there and asked if I wanted to go out after .. i should have said no but I really wanted to go .. So we went to a pizza place and I actually started this painting at the restuarant. I asked Heidi if she would mind being my pizza friend. I decided to leave the previous sentence because this is what happens when you are very tired.. I didn't ask Heidi if she would be my pizza friend I asked her if she would be my model and she said yes and so I started this on a pizza box first. and then  came home and tried to finish it.IT's not my betst work but it iwill be oke fot the  first real miss .. whaaaa .. if you want to own her, email me at I'm going to bed now .. I hope she likes how I portrayed her.
Ok have a great day!!!

I am back this morning to see what travesty of writing occurred here .. I really can't focus or write worth a beans when I am tired. I said I wouldn't do this anymore but look I did it .. sheesh.  I was talking to my friend Heidi about the daily portrait and said .. hmmm I could start this here and I could maybe ask the waitress if they would mind donating a pizza box to my daily painting effort. So this is the largest portrait of all of them. On the outside of a decorated pizza box. Hopefully my friend Heidi who is very thoughtful and supportive of me an my work will love my interpretation of her .. she is a beautiful soul and a beautiful woman. “I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories... water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.” Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Now I had put this quote on a previous post but it somehow got here when I cut and pasted this edited part of my post.. so I'll just leave it. Because last night there was laughter when life happened in the pizza shop with Heidi and another friend and me. Life is good.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 71

“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories... water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.” 
 Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

This is my offering .. it is where I am today .. I think of this amazing woman when I see a wolf. I dreamed once of three white wolves. I waited all day to paint today.. to much going on .. this one turned out to my satisfaction and I thoroughly enjoyed painting. 

Now i am tired .. 

If you would love to own this beautiful wolf email me at I even machine sewed a spiral into the paper.. first time I have done that .. 

See you tomorrow and have a wonderful rest of the day.. :) 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 70 and just where I'm at today

Today is day seventy and everything is not always about the past. I am concurrently doing two projects at the moment. My daily painting of which now I am more than two thirds done and I am doing a two week project with Slow Fashion Style with Katrina Rodabaugh and we have a group for this class on facebook that is closed but she is talking about it on her blog. This is a huge amount of fun and I find that I want to chat with everyone only that's probably not possible. I feel like i'm immersed in like minded people, most are women. Then this morning in my usual touring of the web and bloggersphere I found Amy Meissner. She warned people about her story so of course I was more intrigued but then I read the whole post and even watched the video at the end and that just tipped it over the edge for me. What an incredible video and such a smart woman that Amy is. To write so eloquently about a subject that we just don't really ever talk about is brave and fantastic really. One thing that she touched on that resonated with me regarding another project that I have talked about but that is more behind the scenes then I would like it too be and that is Josephine's work at Child in Uganda. She had mentioned that some of the girls will not go to school for the same reasons in Amy's post and also due to no female bathrooms and also not having the funds to go to school. I wish that I could snap my fingers and give her all that she needs for her work there and to help the children grow up and have an opportunity to live a long and happy life. And Amy's post made me realize how I missed out on my own daughter's coming imto womanhood and I hope she won't be embarrassed that I posted about this .. i really just wanted to publicly acknowledge that I missed out on a big big wonderful part of who she is .. a wonderfully beautiful and talented woman. And while this portrait isn't her it is like her in so many ways .. those big beautiful dark eyes and thick eyebrows only her hair is not dark but a beautiful curly auburn red. I wanted to also say that I love her my daughter so much and wish hope and happiness for her with all my heart .. there is a heart on this portrait. She is on my heart. The words love and mercy are written there on a calligraphy practice page by my own mother .. it is part of a bible verse she wrote .. I have your back my beautiful daughter even when I can't do all that you need.. I root for you.. I am hoping for you and .. i pray for you. I want to go to the ends of the earth for you. ..

Today's post is trying to be brave like Amy .. and speak truth from my heart. If you would like to have this portrait, please email me at It is painted on a reclaimed file divider with a page of calligraphy text written on my my mother and some pattern tissues. I am using all these items that my mother saved for a long long time and instead of discarding everything I am using them as a canvas to paint portraits of people and animals and tell stories about Africa and everything else.  Thanks for stopping over and I'll see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 69 and King

Today is day sixty nine I am nearly thirty days away from being done. Last night I popped over to the ladies stitching social that I go to from time to time and was talking to one of the young ladies that attends. I was the youngest and now she is the youngest. She showed me a photo of her dog, a white German Sheppard and instantly it provoked a memory for me. Lately after writing over sixty stories I sometimes am at a loss for a story.. maybe you can tell .. hopefully not. I am rememoring my life so I am going to try to tell this from the angle of something that blessed my life.. even if it wasn't all pleasant, it was impactful for sure. I also want to say that because I am now in contact with Josephine of I am telling this story to the children there that are so brave and beautiful and have been through some great trials in their young lives. 

The dog .. I drew this dog whose name was King because I remember last night how big this dog was seeing my new friends photo of her dog. Even though he is a German Sheppard, he's huge. To a child he may feel something like a giant. When I lived in Africa there was a class full of children that were my age and a few of them became close friends to me. One girl was Jackie .. she was friendly and animated just like me and I can only remember having a lot of fun with her. I went to her house many times. Her dog's name was King and he was a giant to me and white .. I always tried not to be afraid of him when I went to her house. But I'm sure you can imagine that a dog is excited when someone new comes around. I never thought of him as a German Sheppard because he was white so this part is new information. The dog loved Jackie .. This story isnt really about King he is just the poke that helped me remember her. I think we got to be close friends when I was in the 4th grade. I didn't know that she was sick from something. I never knew what was wrong. I could never tell by looking at her that she was having problems. But one day she told me that she was going to have to go to the hospital in Germany to have surgery. We played chinese jump rope that day. We laughed and played like we always did. I was sure that I would be able to play with her again when she came home. A few days later I rode my bike to school and was the first one in class and my teacher was there. She didn't say hello really .. she seemed upset but I didn't know why. I think in fourth grade I was about nine or ten. Then suddenly she blurted out, Jackies full name and announced that she was dead. Just like that .. no careful letting me know .. no letting me in on this news in an easy way.. just matter of factly. I said .. Oh NO I just played with her she's fine. Then the teacher explained that she died on the operating table. I was in shock of course. All I could manage to do was tell every child that came into the room the same thing. I never cried .. I just could not believe that this happened. There was no funeral, there was no crying, there was no chance to process any of this grief .. So i cry now .. I cry for Jackie .. for the loss of my friend, for the strange way that I was given this sad news. I never got to tell Jackies family that I loved their daughter and that I loved the dog King and how much she loved her dog. I never got to say sorry for their loss. It's ok that I cry about this now because I can just have this and it's ok to have my feelings. But I can also be grateful that I had a friend that was like me that liked me and that I liked and that for some reason had to leave here sooner than I would have liked. I missed her a lot. I do still think of her but not in the same way. Today when a child dies schools bring in counselors and help the children. We didn't have that then. Maybe you don't have that for yourself .. its ok to cry. And then it's ok to get on with living. To live fully I think is to pay respect for those that left too soon. those are just my thoughts .. I am sure that I will see Jackie again and that is my own belief. I think this experience so young has made me more tender hearted towards the hurting and maybe caused me some fear in living. I am grateful that I am not too old to learn more about life and myself . I'm grateful that I can tell you about Jackie ..  I am going to practice living with less fear and with my joy, i want to have joy every day .. even when life makes me sad.. painting gives me joy. This daily practice of painting has changed my perspective .. i would highly recommend you try some daily practice that you love and see where it takes you. 

If you would love to have this beautiful dog portrait in your home just email me at I will be back tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!!!