Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day and Making

Today is Mother's day. I am a mother of three wonderful people. Each one special in their own way. I am grandmother of six wonderful children, each of them filled with life and hope and blessedness. And I am also daughter to my mom. As time goes on and my life changes and grows I realize how much goodness my mother has given me. My mom has always been a maker. I used to sit with my mother while she sat at the sewing machine. I never seemed to have an interest in sewing then. When I reflect on the whole process of her sewing I remember things and realize how much I have been influenced. Sometimes I think it takes years to see what was always there. I kind of think of it like an artist who paints and steps back to see how it's progressing. It's the distance from the work that gives you perspective. When my mother was a new mother, I suspect she was frugal with money and so she sewed a lot of clothes. I don't remember her sewing so much for my brother but she sewed entire wardrobes for my sister and myself. As I grew older I can recall going with my mom to the fabric shop and sitting for hours looking at patterns. I LOVED doing that and I suspect my maker self started brewing all my love for images. That and seeing all the latest fabrics gave me a love of texture and fiber that still gives me such joy today. Perhaps it's the memories mixed together of being with my mom and spending time doing something she clearly loved doing.

My mother has been a fabric lover and I am a fabric lover. And always being a tad rebellious in nature, ( i laugh writing that and am sure my mother can attest to it ) I like to kind of break the rules or do it different. That's what I've been doing with my art and making over the past several years. Experimenting and playing with fabric and drawing and painting and printing. All the forms of making and creating that give me happiness and joy. Today I did something I've been trying to do for a good while. So I think it's appropriate to announce it here today on Mother's day and as a tribute to my mother who is a fabulous seamstress. I have opened a shop on Etsy with clothes that I have made my self. my shop I hope you'll let me know what you think and spread the word. I will add more to it as I get them photographed and listed. But back to my mom.

I know i've mentioned it before but I think it's worth mentioning again. My mother sewed so many beautiful garments for me growing up. We traveled overseas for six years from 1964 until 1970 and it seems that every time we flew stateside my mother had sewn new clothes for our trips. I hope to find some photos of those garments. She sewed my confirmation dress from a new white fabric that I picked out. My prom dress and my graduation dress. She sewed 2000 seed pearls to my wedding dress that I designed and she sewed back in 1977, maternity clothes when I was pregnant and she sewed a beautiful christening gown that each of my babies wore on their baptism. She sewed a gorgeous bassinet cover when my I found out that I was having a girl and she was laid in a most beautiful bed to sleep in. I know that there are countless other garments that she has made for me and for my family. As I step back and reflect on all that you have created for me Mom I am so amazed to realize how many things you have created and made just for me. I am happy to tell you these things today while you are still here to read them. Happy Mother's Day Mom ..

.. if your a mom I hope you have a fabulous mother's day and if you have a mom .. i hope you get to say hello or have a wonderful memory of what she's done best for you today .. and even the most important thing and that is gave you life. Thanks Mom .. I'm happy to be alive today!!! I love you always and forever!!

I've added some more photos of the same images from my shop. Thanks for stopping over and leave me a comment or two

My garments are made from reclaimed fabrics that I have altered with reverse dying and printing as well as hand stitching and artwork in some cases. All my garments are machine washable and made to fit various sizes. My hope is that you will find them fun to wear and they are one of a kind and artsy. :)