Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 93 and Mockingbird

Well today day 93 ended up being a good day and I have a new bed and I'm trying to stay awake to finish editing this story.

This past spring I went hiking with my sister and her husband. He caught a mockingbird singing .. it's a beautiful little video of this guy. I love it and decided it would make a good painting. Painted on a book cover and a map.

I am too tired to talk about much more.

Thank you for following if you do ..

If you would like to own this bird email me at This about 9 x 11 and the color of the  yellow looks odd on my screen so hopefully it shows how bright it is.

See you tomorrow. :)


  1. Another bird I haven't been lucky enough to see for real! I can't believe there are only seven more days to go - what are you planning for an encore?

    1. Not sure yet Mary Anne .. i got a few commissions to do after this is over so I'll be busy with that for a bit I think but I am thinking I'll do some more work with textiles .. i have a hankerin... haha