Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Frigid Fragments

Well .. finally I have decided to post when I can and not be so upset with myself for not doing this every day .. I think I will try to work up to it. I have been stuck inside here all week due to weather .. yep snowed in. I've been ok with that because I've been painting alot. I did make up two rolls of composted fabrics but .. I'll talk about those later. I really do prefer the warmer weather for dying and such things but I did manage to extract some nearly rotten walnuts from my back yard before the snow hit. When we had one day of nearly 60 degree temps .. i thought it was practically spring. This week .. we've had 6 -8 inches of snow and cold cold cold .. So I did boil up my walnuts for a bit of walnut ink which I used in some tree paintings.

I'm hoping to get out of here tonight for a little bit. I'm just a tad lonely from no human contact for about 6-7 days. Above is the street that I live on .  Below is one painting that I did several months ago .. I'm not sure if it's done yet .. but it was stimulated by all the fiber artists that I see in blogs .. love all of the influence they have had on my creativity. I also find that I am really attracted to all things fiber and eco dyed.

 I think I enjoy the details of this painting more then the whole painting.

I really enjoyed painting this .. and I have noticed how much I enjoy the varying shades of white over different colors. I guess I will keep with this style of painting until I'm done with them.

There is one other work that I did a few weeks back ... when every one of the fiber artists that I follow were weaving fabrics .. I've been saving something I generate every day .. and that is coffee filters. So what is below here is cut up coffee filters that were woven and glued to a walnut dyed record album .. haha. Using what I have. and then embellished with the wonderful colors from Prismacolored pencils.

Ok .. better go before its too late. I'll post my snow day paintings tomorrow.