Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 88 and an Indigo Bunting

Today day eighty eight. Just twelve days to go to reach 100. I am really just so thrilled to be painting every day for this many days.. I LOVE doing this !!!

Today I am still in the process of clearing out my mom and dad's home. I got to spend the day with the Estate sale people learning how they set up an estate sale. It's really amazing to watch them transform a house full of items into something that looks inviting. I will be there again tomorrow. It's been really good to be a part of it. However I seem to be unable to be present when anything sells. I feel this stab in my heart. It makes no sense to me .. I have no attachment to the items that are there but none the less I feel nearly overwhelming heartache when someone wants to buy anything. Then I saw one of the people ask if there was anything good? or someone else put on a hat and say something about the hat ... it all became rather personal. Even though none of the stuff was mine it was my mom or dad's. I was curious to see what people liked. Each person had items that they liked to collect. It was interesting to see which items they felt were the most valuable. So I found it all informative at least. IT seems that estate sales is a growing business here. Several of the estate sale people are booked for months. So ... today I painted the Indigo Bunting because so many people loved the Red cardinal from yesterday. Atleast my eyes are not needing to be held open with toothpicks.

Ok if you would like to own this beautiful blue bird .. email me at See you tomorrow. :)

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  1. Such an incredible blue! I've never seen one 'for real' - they aren't too common here and I've never been lucky enough to spot one.