Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Abstract No. 31 A Little Light Goes a Long Way In The Shadows of my Heart

It's been over a week since I have last posted here and shown my work. I have been painting every day or nearly every day except the weekend of my birthday and this week following. I had several days of celebration which has been nearly unheard of in the past several years. Generally it's been just a day to get through. This year though it was a bit more fun and kept me busier then usual. When you stay home all the time there is a side effect to going out a lot. I don't want to leave again and I need time to recharge. There were several days since that I chose to stitch instead of paint and that has left me feeling a bit out of the grove so to speak. That along with personal angst leaves me flooded with a staleness that makes productivity less fluid. I want to do all the things that I do at the same time which is NOT possible so I feel torn, i'd rather feel joy. I'd rather not judge myself for loving to make many different kinds of art.

About this piece .. i painted so many strokes on this one and then thought it looked too contrived that I just painted over it. I only hesitated for a minute cause I did put hours of strokes. Was it wasted if I eventually got to this?  I painted over and over some more. This is where it ended up. There is a constant battle in my self to remake my mind and heart to love and joy and light when I at times battle hard emotions. So I paint over my heart till I find some stillness and peace. This feels like light moving over the chasm of darkness that is somewhere in the back ground of my life let alone this painting. The parts that I love the most are the tiny dots of white that start at the beginning of the golden dots of light connecting the fields of light. And the ones in the center of those same places. They seem to pop out .. they are important. A little light goes a long way in the shadows of my heart. I breath in deep and sigh releasing the harder things and being left with little dots of light. Little dots of light..... and I sigh again...

I hope to post more as I return to the groove .. painting every day is a great value. Experiments with light and color have been very much fun.

If you are interested in this painting please contact me at is is about 12-14" x 16-18" I'll check for sure if you'd like to have it on your wall.