Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Always a dreamer

In my idealistic view of the world I do really believe that all will be ok... only the fear of what might not or may happen just seems to take over my mind and thoughts. It's never fun following fear. I looked back over alot of my blog posts and think that I am always lamenting. Perhaps just focusing on the positive is a better position. I have been stuck in my head and my thinking. Its funny how you can get caught in the trap of negativity .. Generally however I am finding that no matter what the emotion I can always use this for creativity. No matter the feeling. Sometimes in strange ways the harder emotions create better work .. perhaps it's just the passion of the moment of feeling that does it. I think this is true for the more pleasant emotions as well. In spite of everything I am going to hold out that something will shift into a more tolerable circumstance. No matter what the outcome. I am going to believe that it will be good even if it's not what I want.. because I can always make something out of next to nothing. I finished the piece of cloth for my girlfriends birthday and will give it to her tomorrow. That is the photo above.

A week ago I babysat my grand daughters and I had taken my new stitched ragged purse that I glued one of my little girl illustrations on to. My grand daughter Mariah really loved it! I was so tickled that I told her that I would make one for her. I said ok what color do you want? She said Purple!!!  YEAH!!!! .. i Love that she wanted it purple. So .. I started to make one for her. Then the next week I unexpectedly babysat again the following week .. a few days ago... and wondered if she would remember that she wanted the purse. I had started it but it wasn't finished. I brought everything with me and if she'd remembered I planned to attempt to stitch it all up for her by hand while we were together. So ... i get there . .. and am so happy to greet them and they are happy to see me .. A few minutes after I got there.. Mariah asks me if I had her purse. She just turned three a few months ago. I was surprised really that she would remember. I don't know why. But I said yes I started it but I have to finish it still. So .. between fixing breakfast and lunch and baths and playing silly and loving on them.. i managed to stitch her purse. I'd still like to add more things to it.. .. like her name.. some flowers maybe .. but I can't tell you how simply divine it was to see her face when I gave it to her mostly finished. She loved it better than anyone could .. she smiled proudly and put it on her shoulder .. she held it close .. she was so pleased. If anything can melt a heart it is her loving me in the perfect way that she does. On the left is a photo that I tried to take of her holding it .. she was tired and decided to cover up on the couch just before I left her.. when I remembered I wanted to capture a photo of it. It's not as clear as I'd like but .. it is here. It's a velor purple shirt that I cut up that had some flowers stamped into the cloth .. and I did a discharged denim handle and the girl is glued onto a piece of discharged denim. This is really an experiment to see if the modge podged girl will last on the cloth .. i machine stitched the illustration to the purple and then stitched everything by hand. It seems sturdy enough to last a while but certainly a child can give it a good test. If it doesn't last I will just make more. It was fun to make though. ANd thats all i have to share today .. thanks for stopping by .. it's means the world to me. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Been a Turtle Week

Well it's Saturday evening and breeze is cool enough as long as I sit in front of the fan. Amazingly I feel like I have gone from one extreme (freezing cold) to the other (hot as hell). Either are just as disconcerting. Both leave me wanting to lie still either under a cover or in front of a fan.... too hot now to exert much energy .. sheesh. So I try to get up early while the weather is tolerable and do what ever needs doin outside. 

I have been struggling due to financial hardships from being unemployed. That is not a fun situation and finding work is harder when your mood is not so good. So inspite of the difficulties I have had some nice experiences lately. The first one was early in the week ... I was really feeling bad ... and went outside to get a change of scenery when I looked over at my dog Misty and saw her sitting in the flower bed in front of the porch .. she just seemed to have this look about her that made me say " what are you up to?" and as I approached I saw what I was sure was a toad .. and I questioned her .. "Did you get a toad?? " which usually means one thing .. that nasty poison in the mouth .. that leaves the dog frothing and wondering why the toad didnt want to play too? So I was getting ready to wipe her mouth out with a rag when I looked a bit closer at the toad and saw that it was a Turtle laying upside down .. I was surprised .. I hadn't looked that closely before and picked it up right away and started to inspect it to see if there were any puncture wounds or bleeding and I saw none of that.. just a muddy shell .. so .. i took it in and washed it off .. and as we were headed back out the door I saw it's eyes open .. i was so excited. After giving it some thought I decided perhaps he needed a rest so I would keep it in a bucket till I was sure he could walk and was ok .. in the mean time .. i had to get the camera.. cause he was a baby alligator turtle .. very interesting to look at and I wanted to get some pictures .. So here are a few of him ..

 His eyes were pretty spaced out. I can't imagine how

frightening it must have been being attacked by a dog and then this human is just staring at me .. after a while I realized that it wasn't injured and that it really just wanted to be back in some body of water. Where they usually live. So I walked it down to the creek and sat him on the shore and then .. after a few minutes of watching it there it took off into the water .. amazing and every few seconds it would poke his head out to get a breath of air. Amazing to watch. I really enjoyed the whole experience.   Then today I went off to run an errand and as my car was driving down the road I thought that what I'd seen was another turtle so I stopped and sure enough here was another turtle upside down in the middle of the road. This was a box turtle and who knows how it got turned upside down but there it was. I decided I needed to get pictures of it as well so he went along with me in the car. I left him in there while I ran a quick errand that didnt require me to leave the car. So .. after we got home I took some photos. Here he is .. it is interesting to notice the differences in the two turtles. The box turtles eyes .. were big and round .. with out the center detail in the alligator turtle. I guess they were both big one was just darker then the other .. fascinating though.