Sunday, January 25, 2015

Grow your own BLOG Party!!!

I have to say that I am so excited to be doing this party with Victoria. I first read her blog several years ago when I noticed that several of my online friends were going to her blog. Then last summer I started a painting project so that I could start creating more work and basically to get into the practice of painting daily. Also I had a lot of grief to process due to the recent death of my mother. That's what gave me the time to spend searching and reading blogs and when I discovered her generosity and kindness I was swept away with all that she does and her amazing supportive nature to people in the remotest locations of the world.

Ok I am Tammy, artist, designer, writer, blogger, friend, mother, grandmother, sister and daughter. :)

Why did I start blogging? I started blogging to give my self a platform for dealing with life ... a kind of visual and textural journal so to speak about what is happening in my life and some images of my work .. and some of my process. I started blogging in 2010 about three months after I was laid off from my job. I have had a few years where I only posted five times in the whole year. And last year I had the most. Doing 100 faces in 100 days means at least I had for sure 100 posts. I would love to have more of an exchange with people about the creative process and I always love sharing my work or talking about it. I don't know what the future will hold but I know that I will continue with blogging.

I am going to have a give away for anyone that would like to join in the fun there are no requirements for winning just leave me a comment that you want to be a part of the giveaway and on the date in Feb.15th I will put everyone that wants too on a slip of paper and pick one lucky winner from a hat and they will get their pick of one print from one of these three images that I have here. All were done digitally but you will receive a paper print approx 8x11.
Thanks for coming over and I'm excited to get this party started!!! Cheers!!!After reading some of the other blog posts about the party I decided to add some photos of some of my work instead of making you look back through all my posts to see them.. I will try to add photos of the work chronologically with what I have posted over the years to give you an idea of the varied interests that I have. Thanks for coming again .. and have a fabulous party!!!