Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 86 and Day of the Dead

Today or rather yesterday was day 86. That's because it is officially it is already day 87 but I am still finishing up 86. I did do this on the correct day i just am so tired I keep falling asleep while I'm trying to post. I was originally going to do this skull portrait for Halloween and then realized that it was the day of the dead. So it's still so appropriate.

I bought this skull toy at a thrift store here in town and just decided I had to have it. I do think it's kewl. And I love that I have done my today's portrait of this skull. The eyes really make the whole portrait. 

SO I am so tired I don't want to write anything else and it's cold in my little room here and I am in a hurry to get under the covers and go to sleep. 

If you would love to own this face please email me at Today's face is only $86. Have a fabulous morning! See you later today!! haha ..