Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Message to Connie

Recently, I happened onto a website . This is Connie's website. I found it at a time when I was beginning that usual experience of self doubt and fear of what ever it is that seems to come up while I am trying to be artist and living my passion. I looked over the site and liked what I was reading and found that she offered a free workshop called Total Alignment. I decided to try what she was doing in the series. I don't generally have trouble tapping into my creativity so I wasn't feeling stuck I was just feeling a bit down. What it did was give me permission to just paint what ever I felt like painting. I loved the whole premise that it's not the painting that's important but that I am painting what ever comes up. I enjoyed the whole process and I loved her sweet and caring disposition. If you need a lift stop over to her site and try the free series or any of her workshops. They all look like fun! She's really got something going on over there. I LOVE the whole idea of being a fearless painter. So here's my message to you Connie after reading your blog today. Keep doing what you're doing lots of people need to hear what you have to say. Here are some of the works that I did in this workshop. These will show the progression of the work. First there was My open Heart.

Next there was something on Balance and this was my balance painting. Looks a little chaotic but it is colorful and there were many fun swirls and circles which I am drawn too.

As a result of doing this one on balance I observed some parts of this painting that I really liked and decided to create another painting for one of the other lessons.                               Next came this. -------->
 This made me very happy.

I continued and did this
<---------- p="">
I had hoped to have my store set up by now but I'm not quite ready so if you want to stay in touch with me just contact me through my profile page and I will gladly add you to my mailing list. !!

Days later I did a meditation and decided that I would paint a part of it and this is what came from that. Below.

I decided to do the open heart painting again and from that was the painting below. Thank you for stopping over and check out the Dirty footprints I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Time for me to sleep now.