Friday, December 5, 2014

Stitching artwear

 Ok so it's been a little crazy with the holiday and trying to get work done for a new gallery and tonight is the night when everyone comes out to see the galleries. I'll be down where I am now selling my artwear. So now I realize that I have to eventually replace what it there when it sells. I'm optimistic about that. I love to hand stitch things and here is a garment I'm working on. Some will have faces too. I can't really get away from them, 
they are always something I love to create. I started this stitching. It will either be a tunic or a dress. I could sit and stitch all day .. in fact that's what I did. Now I'm also thinking of creating large wall hangings. I've been inspired by so many that stitch slow, like
Jude Hill and Amy Meissner. I don't know how Amy manages to do her work and be a mom to little ones. Ok thanks for coming over and looking. I'm going to keep posting my progress and the work that I am creating. I am committing to you and to my self to keep posting the work that I am doing. Every day!! Thanks for following along and seeing what I'm doing. It keeps me going. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

After the 100 faces and beyond

I know it's been about two weeks since I finished .. hmmm maybe longer. I guess I learned that I work best when I make a commitment to painting in public way. I have been painting every day to some degree but not as purposeful as before. I may just have to do it again but for now I am focusing on some other things that I enjoy doing and that is redesigning clothes that exist. this is a little boys shirt that is so cute but I thought it could be for a little girl too. This is one of my little girls that I love to paint on a piece of denim that I then stitched onto the front of this cute shirt. The thread I used was pink embroidery thread so it's really sweet. I'm either going to try offering it for sale here or take it to the place I am now selling my artwear locally. We'll see. So if you're interested in this please email me as before. IT's adorable. Original art one of a kind. I think it will fit a new born baby as the size is 0-3 months. There is a close up also. I love to create these little girls and that's my molly girl in there too. I am also creating and hand stitching some other garments and my plan is to do at least one a week and I am thinking of posting some images of the progress. Thanks for stopping over and seeing what I'm up too .. i miss the posting so I'm glad to be back.