Sunday, August 16, 2015

Putting it on canvas.

There some days when stuff happens and you just want to get it out and really not explain or talk about it. Ha .. i know with me that is often not the case. I talk ALOT! lol..

I told a friend that I felt like I had a hangover from emotions. So .. i just decided to paint. I wanted to try adding words that I could find in a large print book I had. After messing around with them for a while I decided on this message, determining that my intuited arrangement was just what it needed to be. The Day My Angels Shook All The Outrageous Silence. It fit for it's own reasons. I enjoy the colors that go with it. It means much to me.

I guess at some point I will decide to go back to the abstracts in number. This is 16 x 20 on stretched canvas. Very colorful. I like looking at it. Thanks for stopping over .. cheers.