Friday, November 7, 2014

Today is day 92 and the Baltimore Oriole

Today is day 92 !!!  Almost there and today my life feels a little more normal and I am painting again in the MORNING!!! yes I have discovered the time of painting joy yet again!!! I decided to paint this bird because everyone .. lots of people love the birds. I love nature and I love birds too. This is painting is on a map that I have sewn to an old photo folder the ones where they open and have a paper mat for a  photograph. This one probably had a family portrait in it at one time but more then likely was put into an album and my mom decided to keep the folder. The map is of Virginia and Maryland and Washington D.C. Two states that I lived in. Virginia was a little town near Haymarket where I went to school and the other in Maryland where I graduated from High School. SO the Orioles are Maryland's state bird. They have such beautiful orangish yellow feathers .. so lovely. This is a young bird. I like the background of the map and I loved living in both states. We were close enough to visit the wonderful museums in Washington D.C. I spent many trips going to all the art museums there when I lived in both states. Maryland is where I lived my art.. I entered my portfolio into scholastic art awards and got my portfolio picked for judging out of many that were entered. It was the first time that anyone entered portfolio's at our school and three students entered and all three of us were accepted for review. Two of us won something we were told. We would find out at the awards ceremony. One was for a full four year scholarship to an art college of our choice. I couldn't sleep for a week. Sadly I didn't win. I think it would have changed my life and the course that it took over the next 30 or so years. I do still wish I had won but I am who I am because of all that happened. When I paint .. i try to paint my heart and soul right there, no matter who or what I'm painting. I'm really very grateful to be painting every day for the last 92 days and there were some bumps in the road but I've kept true to my commitment. I am amazed when I see all the work there in front of me that I haven't sold yet. I have eight more paintings to do .. and I'm just going to have fun with it..

If you would like to own this painting today of a Baltimore Oriole bird face please email me at See you tomorrow .. !!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 90 and 91 Abu and Coconut

Today is day 91 and yesterday I got home late after finishing pricing everything in my mom's house. I went and bought some groceries and came home completely spent. Even writing this here I had to think if it was last night that I actually went to the grocery store because at this moment it feels like it was days ago. That's really how my brain feels. Yesterday seemed to be more difficult with just hearing the ladies talk about my mom's things. It has been a great learning experience and I'm even getting paid to help ha ! But if I do this again for another sale I'm glad it won't be with my own family's stuff. So last night when I got home I managed to fix some dinner and sit down to do the daily portrait. I actually got started on this painting here and was so exhausted I fell asleep .. I had no chance of doing it in the morning because I was gone early .. So i made a decision to finish it up today and so I did paint each face on each day. I don't know where or why I decided to do this portrait but I'm guessing that it's because tomorrow I am talking to a friend and my life coach Theresa Pizzuto who is part owner of IOP and her own coaching business. I don't ever really talk about this but I have been working with her for a while now. I really don't want to explain it but feel free to contact her if you would like to know more about it. I guess the best thing I could say about her work is that she helps me be me .. and the best me I can be. This is a good thing. She lost her cat Abu who is the gray cat in this painting. It was a tragic sort of loss for her. I am doing some other artwork for her but I wanted to give this to her just because I'm grateful for all she's done for me. The other cat in the photo is Coconut and they did seem to love each other very much. Abu looks a lot like my own cat that died a long time ago .. 34 years ago. I miss that cat. So here's to Theresa and all her fabulous work as a coach and a diversity consultant doing good work to spread love and a listening ear to all who are in her life! I'll mail this off to you in the next day or so.
oh and this was painted on a piece of scrap wood from my dad's house. :)
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 89 and Kitten

Well today is day 89 and I missed it all tonight .. too tired after pricing stuff at my parent's house for the estate sale. I ate dinner and fell asleep and then painted this kitten. Not my fav painting but it's cute. Reminds me of the time I got a kitten for Christmas.. i named him Christmas Kitty. I loved him .. he was definitely my cat. That's all i want to say about him. Makes me sad though.

If you love this and want to purchase .. email me at

I'm going back to sleep now.

See you tomorrow.

: )

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 88 and an Indigo Bunting

Today day eighty eight. Just twelve days to go to reach 100. I am really just so thrilled to be painting every day for this many days.. I LOVE doing this !!!

Today I am still in the process of clearing out my mom and dad's home. I got to spend the day with the Estate sale people learning how they set up an estate sale. It's really amazing to watch them transform a house full of items into something that looks inviting. I will be there again tomorrow. It's been really good to be a part of it. However I seem to be unable to be present when anything sells. I feel this stab in my heart. It makes no sense to me .. I have no attachment to the items that are there but none the less I feel nearly overwhelming heartache when someone wants to buy anything. Then I saw one of the people ask if there was anything good? or someone else put on a hat and say something about the hat ... it all became rather personal. Even though none of the stuff was mine it was my mom or dad's. I was curious to see what people liked. Each person had items that they liked to collect. It was interesting to see which items they felt were the most valuable. So I found it all informative at least. IT seems that estate sales is a growing business here. Several of the estate sale people are booked for months. So ... today I painted the Indigo Bunting because so many people loved the Red cardinal from yesterday. Atleast my eyes are not needing to be held open with toothpicks.

Ok if you would like to own this beautiful blue bird .. email me at See you tomorrow. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 87 and Cardinals

Today is day 87 and this is a fabulous cardinal ... i should have started it this morning .  I didn't but I did thouroughly enjoy painting this one.

I am again late posting this but atleast I have an hour more since we are in Eastern time and our clocks were set back last night.

I am too tired to write much more .. i just love this cardinal though.

If you would like to own this cardinal send me an email at  see you tomorrow.


Day 86 and Day of the Dead

Today or rather yesterday was day 86. That's because it is officially it is already day 87 but I am still finishing up 86. I did do this on the correct day i just am so tired I keep falling asleep while I'm trying to post. I was originally going to do this skull portrait for Halloween and then realized that it was the day of the dead. So it's still so appropriate.

I bought this skull toy at a thrift store here in town and just decided I had to have it. I do think it's kewl. And I love that I have done my today's portrait of this skull. The eyes really make the whole portrait. 

SO I am so tired I don't want to write anything else and it's cold in my little room here and I am in a hurry to get under the covers and go to sleep. 

If you would love to own this face please email me at Today's face is only $86. Have a fabulous morning! See you later today!! haha ..