Wednesday, December 3, 2014

After the 100 faces and beyond

I know it's been about two weeks since I finished .. hmmm maybe longer. I guess I learned that I work best when I make a commitment to painting in public way. I have been painting every day to some degree but not as purposeful as before. I may just have to do it again but for now I am focusing on some other things that I enjoy doing and that is redesigning clothes that exist. this is a little boys shirt that is so cute but I thought it could be for a little girl too. This is one of my little girls that I love to paint on a piece of denim that I then stitched onto the front of this cute shirt. The thread I used was pink embroidery thread so it's really sweet. I'm either going to try offering it for sale here or take it to the place I am now selling my artwear locally. We'll see. So if you're interested in this please email me as before. IT's adorable. Original art one of a kind. I think it will fit a new born baby as the size is 0-3 months. There is a close up also. I love to create these little girls and that's my molly girl in there too. I am also creating and hand stitching some other garments and my plan is to do at least one a week and I am thinking of posting some images of the progress. Thanks for stopping over and seeing what I'm up too .. i miss the posting so I'm glad to be back.


  1. So cute! You definitely should be able to sell these without any problems.

    1. Thanks Mary Anne .. they are cute!!! I'd put my baby in this .. lol