Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life at a Snails Pace

Sometimes life does seem to go at a snails pace and it has felt that way for some time. Interesting how the spiral on a snails home is going up ~ a great reminder that I don't need to continue on the previous months downward spiral.. lost to negativity. That direction doesn't seem to work however there is one positive aspect to being in the dulldrums of life .. when it shifts it has a significant positive impact.

I have to say that I am so extremely grateful to have a love of nature and even the most ordinary or slow creatures can give me so much. I spent over an hour just taking photo after photo of this beautiful creature
this past week. I was fascinated with the texture of his  very long slender body. I watched in amazement as it's eye looking attennae would protrude out to search the expanse of the universe that lay before it. And at other times it would completely hide them inside .. so as not to be certain which end was the front. There was the added satisfaction of finding it on a plastic sheeting that I used to rust some large fabrics.. the rust had stained the plastic making it a rich colorful background for the snail.  How I delight in the patterns that mother nature provides ... so many are simply exquisitely beautiful.

The shift from my downward spiral has taken me to complete gratitude. I have a list that is so long for why I am so grateful at this time. I think for the first time in my life I understand why it is important to ask for the things that you want. Oddly enough many of those things are just there for the asking. I think being clear about what you want is very important. I was reading on Jude Hill's blog about her questions regarding want and need of dyed cloth. It is good to question these things. I believe that needs sustain us and wants give us more of the joy. Certainly we don't always get what we want but often I have not asked for something that I wanted because I already felt that I didnt deserve it... for a variety of reasons. But this past week or so I have been so blessed in so many ways that it just seems to be blazed in my brain .. that I must ask for what I want..... in a literal sense and a prayerful spiritual sense. It makes me think about how empty my life could be if I never asked. There are still so many things for me to learn from these recent revelations about asking. About wants and needs. Nature has a way of giving me so many of these lessons. I am almost urged to remind anyone that may read this .. to slow down to snails pace and see what is right there making itself present in your life. They come and they go and sometimes if we are still enough to look and watch there is something wonderful to see or experience .. I am grateful for time, silence, and gifts by man and nature. Thank you from my heart .. from the deepest parts of me. .... thank you.