Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Tones of Textural Textiles

 Here is the progress on My Heart & Soul cloth. I was stumped on what to do and then learned about thread beads from Jude Hill's course called Heart Whispering. The class has ended but the experience will last me a long while. Hopefully I will be able to take another class soon. Currently I am unemployed and haven't found any job that I want to do. Soon I am hoping I will be motivated to put up a shop and sell some of the artwork that I've been creating. I've had a hard time getting myself out of my recent funk. So honestly I've been lying in bed stitching hearts. This is some of the evidence of that work. I have fallen hard for thread beads. I love love love them. I am thinking maybe this is much like the dots that I like to paint. White on white .. what I see that the beads do in the back ground of the biggest heart here are to sort of bring together the heart. It's still seen but the beads give it some cohesiveness. Maybe this truely is like healing my heart with the beads of light. I will continue to add more and more stitching and not worry about the time it will take.. certainly it can take a life time to heal a heart.

 This is the heart on a shirt that I did with the inspiration from Deanna's experiments with Shibori. I did this on a white tshirt. I love how it turned out. I plan on making a special shirt out of this by adding some stitching and other elements. I'll post those in the future.
The rest of the hearts here are a heart stitched for someone elses healing. Healing hearts with stitches. I don't know the person it will be going too but I wanted to send it out because she is a fellow stitcher from the class with Jude. I have learned many of the stitches here from her and hopefully my intention will offer some warmth whatever her situation is. :) It's nice to be a part of that.

More to come soon~