Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

This is Matty, she was born on Friday the 13th in another month but because she was born on that day she always thinks about it anytime there is another 13th on Friday. Growing up she always thought that it was strange that when she would tell people she was born on that day they would respond with words she didn't think were nice. "Oh..... that's whats wrong with you." Come to think of it, do most people tell you the day of the week they were born? I suspect that people must have remarked about the fact that her parents gave birth to her on a Friday the 13th. Might they have thought .. oh .. she will bring you bad luck? Maybe they thought it but didn't say it. I don't know. But she DID tell people that she was born that day so it must have been something she thought was significant. I wonder how it became so significant in her mind? Who told her that Friday the 13th was unlucky?  How could a birth of a girl on any day of the week be unlucky? Sometimes she would say proudly, "It's my LUCKY day!" Sometimes she could use this to cause people to fear her, maybe she had some power. Sometimes she would wonder if there really was something wrong with her... why she would struggle to make friends, why she seemed to struggle with thinking that she was "bad luck." Just for being born on a certain day? So Matty goes about picking flowers and hoping that others will find her lucky enough to be thought of or remembered just for being here.

I hope that you liked my story... I know it's short but it just seemed to need to be written on this day. I wish that I could post more often .. maybe one day will come when I can. I feel as though my thoughts are going in twenty directions lately... I have a lot of ideas for creating and each idea distracts me from the one I'm doing. So it seems like I'm going in circles. Here are some other things that take up my thoughts and direction. Below are two other friends of Matty's .. They're still waiting for names and stories. 

The fuzzy creature here is a caterpillar that I spotted after I heard a thud on the roof of my car. So, it must have fallen from a high branch of a tree over head. Or maybe he was about to be lunch and fell from the claws of a bird... don't know but I was totally intriqued by the pattern on his back. Just beautiful. and fuzzy furry looking legs and antennae to keep his awareness of what was around. And a perfect round head.

   Then there is an illustration inspired by my adorable grand daughters. There is a story that I'm wanting to write about these illustrations. For now it's just another idea .. of way too many.