Friday, May 31, 2013

Reconnecting with Nature and new work

I am so happy to have warmer weather and have spent so many of the days in the last week outside painting and enjoying the nature around me. I realize how infused I am by getting to see the beauty of all creatures. I feel so blessed to witness their presence. I am awed by their beauty. It makes me happy to be outside. Recently I was outside making some leaf prints on fabric and discovered some inhabitors of the leaf I was going to print. It was so small that I could hardly make out that they were spiders. What I found quite fascinating was the fact that they appeared to be similar spiders yet each had a different color which you can faintly make out and this photo doesn't do the metallic quality of their bodies any justice. So one was silver and the other was gold .. beautiful!!!

 Then the next delight I have discovered was a nest  over a front window. It's sheltered from the sun and from rain so it was a good spot. I would watch it and finally could see that there was something in their .. finally it seemed they got so big they could hardly fit in the nest. Sometimes I would sit outside and watch the mother who at first would stay perched on the eggs and then when they finally hatched they grew so fast. She would faithfully bring them food and finally they would start flapping their wings as the mother sat on a branch nearby calling to them. One morning I came out to find the nest empty and searched around hoping to see them somewhere in the nearby branches. The pictures I have are some grainy and some good but they speak for themselves .. i wonder to see and a total cute awwww factor. Hope you enjoy the photos. you can click on them to see them bigger.

 And finally to the work .. I have found that I can't settle on doing just one form of making so after a bit of sewing I will paint for a while and then go back to sewing or stitching. It can depend on the weather or my mood. Lately I've been in the mood to paint.
The circles are something I'm exploring. I found this great panal it's about 2ft. x 4 ft. and I decided to experiment. And the one below is also an experiment of painting large. It's been fun and exciting!!!
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