Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday in the Wee Hours

Well .. I went out and had a nice visit and drank several cups of coffee so now I am wide awake in the wee hours of this morning. So .. after readin some of the blogs that I'm following I decided to post some old photos of art that I did some years ago .. just for the fun of it. It's not what I'm doing now but I have found that going back and looking at old work inspires me to create something of a similar style. Funny how that works.

 First for Gilly I am posting my self portrait that she saw on my thumbnail when I became a follower on her blog. I did this about five years ago so I have surely changed since this was done. My hair is however, still long haha. I did this for school. Yes I went back to college over 40. So .. there you have it.

It's funny to go back to the old work but also interesting.

The work to the right was pre college days when I was living in another state. I think what I find interesting is what I thought about myself and my ability at the time. Fortunately, I am so much less critical of myself today. It's a much better place to be.
When I was out in my studio going through a pile of work that I have accumulated over the years I found this little weaving of paper. And I couldn't help but get excited about the similarities to the Spirit Cloth weavings that I have seen here Jude's Work. And also the work of some of her followers as seen here; fabric weavings both of these are fantastic works. Love their blogs even. I was just excited that long before I ever happened on their sites I had done this weaving of paper. They were fun and make me want to do more. Its a great way of recycling works that I didnt like. Or felt they were not working for me.

 I am happy to share the work but I'm finding that it's similar to doing a show. It has a tendency to make one feel vulnerable. Ahh well .. I'm putting it out there. Below are also works done several years (5?) ago when I was in school. All figure studies which I really loved doing. There is a great value in studying the human figure. 

 So thanks to all of you who look and leave a word or two. I am doing what I can to move in a forward direction .. this is just a look back. Thanks for indulging me.