Thursday, June 12, 2014

Still going...

I am still adjusting to some big changes. Grateful for some things and missing others.  I am very happy though that stitching remains in my life. I started this while I was still in my old house and now I am in a new space ...i just picked this up again. It is about 13 x 13 .. my lucky number. I am going to just keep going and maybe make it the center of something. 

I still seem to want to have a clear picture of my journey but I'm not sure you can ever fully see the path in front of you. Some sameness is reassuring and I am grateful that I can find the beauty in nature no matter where I am. I am painting and gathering photos of the land around me. One thing this humid climate has are lots of always growing leaves. I have taken a keen interest in Sea Grape leaves. They are almost round but not exactly. Nonetheless they are big and bold and I love them. They will show up in my work .. and my work will show up in them or on them. What iffing .. like others i know and follow. I am enjoying the sunshine not always the heat. I want to keep up with this .. i miss the exchange I once had however small it seemed. I am lonely some days but I also enjoy the quiet.

I am also painting in blue.......of things that move me.. happy colors,
joy colors, colors of hope and possibilities.