Friday, July 11, 2014

Loss and life at the beach

Some days I feel like I'm on a long never ending vacation. Some days I am homesick for old spaces. I find myself processing loss while I process box after box of fabrics that were held for some day projects. My mother loved her fabric, most of which I'd never laid eyes on until now after she is gone. Somehow that fact really has me battling waves of questions .. how come? Some  days I find it almost too much to realize that we never got to share the joys of what we both clearly loved. I find it nearly uncanny to see that she has collected a fair amount of linens and crocheted edge pillow cases and intricately stitched embroidery on delicate hankies and tea towels. And then i wonder how is it that I love those same things when I was miles and miles apart from her. Grief comes as persistent as the tide. I'm grateful that the ocean brings a steady stream of cleansing and many trinkets to make the solemn days a bit joyful. I know my mom loved the ocean and that is one thing we did share. And I still love to collect the bounty of the sea. The last visit had me in awe of the treasures i found. 
 I was amazed really to find this snail alive in this beautiful shell. I had it on my hand for a while before I put him back in the water. It was not more then the width of a quarter.
 I always find that the sea or any nature really inspires me. I thought the rock with all those lovely holes would make a great piece to add stones too for a necklace. I'll post it when i do that.
 In all my days of living or walking on the beach in Florida I have never found a fully intact sea urchin on the beach. We  found them often in another literal sea but never here in Florida. I kept this specimen and beautiful shell it left me.

Below is a beautiful piece of ocean life that also washed ashore. With those beautiful purple protrusions and the circles dotting the surface I found this a most wonderful experience. The design of it has me contemplating a new painting or something .. aren't they just fabulous to look at?

 This is a shovel head shark that was just caught as I was walking nearby. I waited to see him get reeled in. It was whipping it's tail so fiercely that the fisherman had a hard time cutting him loose from his hook. But finally he wiggled off and had to be helped back into the surf .. so tired from fighting for it's life. I was glad to see it swim away.

 The metallic of my car paint is kind of distracting the lovely white polished degraded shell with holes. I really loves these holey formations. They intrigue me. And below a spiral even though it is an incomplete shell it is still wearing it's spiral and this .. is a pattern i find repeats itself in my stitching and my painting.

I hope to increase my words here .. as my productivity increases. I am working on an outdoor space that is my own .. a sanctuary for work and meditation. I hope to share it with you also ..

Thanks for stopping over.