Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Monday so hot today!!!

 It's still so freakishly hot that I found myself going back to last years posts to see if I posted about the heat .. and to see if I ever commented on when the weather changed .. and I DID haha .. funny to see that it was about the third week in August or the last week .. can't remember exactly that I posted the weather cooled off enough for me to go outside and play in the yard. So .. I'm looking forward to getting some cooler weather in a few weeks maybe sooner.

One thing I have taken to doing regularly is to get up early .. something I didnt do last year. And take the dogs out for their daily walk while it's still cool enough to walk and not break a faucet running sweat.. sheesh!!! So .. I'm up at 7 am or earlier .. feet hit the ground no later than 7:30 and the girls (my dogs) can't wait to go .. and usually try to get me up earlier!! Sometimes it works but I stay up late too so ... sometimes I just can't haha .. Then I usually sit outside while it's so nice!!! Now the other day I was outside and i've taken to walking around with my camera in my pocket ( yes its that small) and I heard something buzzing profusely !!! I looked down to see a beetle ..? no it was a metallic green june bug .. so beautiful shining iridescently in the sunlight and buzzing in a circle and fluttering it's wings .. so I started snapping photos .. got as good as I could while it moved about so quickly!!!

I just totally loved the color of greenish yellowish limesh and then that lovely tone of golden brown and all so metallic looking and yes I'd seen them before but I seem to have new eyes seeing all nature lately and yes I have always loved nature, bugs, birds, animals etc... I just seem to find so much in them these days. Then suddenly there in the sunlight the noise of buzzing just stopped. I thought maybe it stopped for a rest .. no movement and I kept snapping photos i did have this feeling that something was wrong when it was buzzing but thought perhaps it was just trying to get it's bearings again for flight.. and when the sound stopped and snapped closer shots .. then I touched it .. it was dead. For some reason the idea that I had just snapped the last moments of its life just took over my thoughts and the fluids dripping from my head weren't from sweat ... somehow I just felt overwhelmed. Then I couldn't understand why I would feel such emotion when I swat a mosquito and think nothing of it.. I want to stay far away from copperhead snakes .. I dislike very much and think nothing of killing a no-see-um. I'd like to think that those bugs and reptiles I dislike can harm me. So .. if it's between me or them .. they will have to go. But the june bug .. I guess was doing it's death dance and I was so honored somehow.. and then with me lately it seems that it doesn't just happen once .. but it seems to come in droves. I sometimes wonder if I just learn hard .. so i need an extra dose of whatever... to learn it. The next few hours I heard a noise and investigated to find an imperial moth flapping it's  wings in the brush .. i wanted to get a closer look so I excavated it to my hand. I know that they don't live long so I knew that it was going to die, just not when. And for some reason I just felt that somehow I needed to be with it as it passed and started singing it a lullaby .. i know .. seems silly .. but i just needed to do this. I snapped several photos of it too .. I'm thinking that somehow .. these creatures will hopefully end up on my cloths .. who knows .. but they are quite stunning. This one below is sitting on my blueberry dyed piece of ivory wool. It's so sadly gray but also nicely gray. This was about the last moment. I felt sad but knew that the cycle of it's life is very short. All the time from caterpillar to moth just to live about a week and find a mate and  lay eggs .. to just die. It lives to create more.. maybe I'll just think of it .. as it living to create .. thats what I want to do .. live to create.

 Ok so if you lasted this long in my post .. bravo to you!!! Sometimes I guess I have a lot to say!! and show !!! This last one I probably should have just devoted to one blog post because I just find it so fascinating. This is the Cicadas (genus Magicicada) uhhhh Magic what? I thought that was curiously familiar. Here's what I found out about them. They only live in the Southeastern part of the United States and appear once every 13 years. Because their emergence recurs at regular intervals, they are called periodical cicadas. I really liked that the number of years between them is 13 .. guess it's because I was born on the 13th. Anyway ... as an artist .. graphic designer.. I just found the whole design elements of this unique bug to be quite amazing!!! This one was already dead. I haven't seen a swarm of them here but they are here .. i can hear them every day .. loud .. and so when they are quiet .. it's almost eerily quiet. I love the shape of their wings and found the translucent film like wings over there stunning natural armature to be very beautiful. Can you tell I'm excited?? haha .. anyway .. this was the last bug .. dead .. don't know why I'm seeing bugs that are in the throws of death of or already dead but thats what I'm seeing .Maybe there is nothing so special about it .. but I am outside a lot and I don't often see this happen as much as I have in the past week. Sometimes i wonder if maybe a part of me is dying and I'm about to be transformed. It is yet to be revealed .. But I can say that the world is a wonderful place to be if only you stop .. and be still .. and listen and look at what is just under your feet .. I hope you've enjoyed the view from my perspective .. Thanks for stopping over..