Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 83 and White Squirrels

Today is day eighty three and that means that there are only 17 left to do !!!!!

Last fall I was staying with my son for a while as I transitioned from my home in SC to where I am now in the sunshine state. As we were doing things around the town that my son lives in NC, we were driving down the road where his cabin is and suddenly he was making a U turn and telling me he wanted to show me something. We pulled into the long drive of a persons home and he pointed to a tree. Knowing that I love nature he told me just to wait and they would appear. I said what am I looking for? He said they are white squirrels. I sat there skeptical for a minute and then sure enough, two white squirrels came scurrying around a tree and playing and then another came from the bushes to add to the fun.

I was amazed and delighted to see these beautiful little creatures that most people really don't like. I guess it's because they are always stealing the bird seed. Probably one of my most fun ways to feed the squirrels was a time when my family had purchased a small wooden throne that had a nail in front of a seat. The throne was small enough for a squirrel to sit in and the nail was for a dried corn cob which squirrels love to eat. I sat in front of the window many times watching the squirrels eat corn. Free entertainment I'd say .. i love nature and I love the white squirrels.

If you would like today's portrait of a squirrel it is painted on a repurposed file folder with calligraphy practice paper and wrapping paper and a scripture card all glued to the folder the cards main word "grace" can be seen i think on the arm of the squirrel. He does seem to emulate grace. the size is approx. 9.5 x 11.5. Please email me at if you are interested. See you tomorrow.

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