Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 9

Today is day nine .. and it's late and I'm very tired tonight.

This one was painted while I was chatting with my girlfriend. I was thinking about changing it and adding more things but then she said she loved it so I decided I would leave it!!!!

I hope to have a better presentation soon..

I am grateful to my friends that stop by and leave a comment.. thank you.. going to sleep now.. night night...

Day 8 of 100 abstracts in 100 days

To tired to type much today. This is way different then the typical.

Thanks for stopping by...

I may add more tomorrow..


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 7 of 100 abstracts in 100 days

Today is day seven and I have worked on this one off and on all day. This board that I have painted on is a scrap from my dad's house. I pulled the tape off and it left a texture that was interesting. I played around with what was behind the taped area. I probably did three different things until I settled on these beautiful color's of turquoise, green and white. I'm satisfied with the way it turned out. Originally I thought that painting an abstract would be less confining that painting a realistic image. But in fact what seems to be happening is just the opposite. I was able to stop when I had it looking as realistic as I wanted .. with the abstracts the decisions are not just about whether it looks like something. They are about whether the colors work or what the composition is and does it look balanced and not necessarily symmetrical but interesting to look it. Is there enough visual interest to even cause the viewer to want to look closer. I also have to remind myself that this is my experiment. I am trying to remain positive even though there is little interest in these paintings .. se la vie. I'm still hoping that they work will take on a life of it's own. Thanks for stopping over and send me an email if you are interested in today's work at Have a fabulous rest of the night.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 6 of 100 days of abstract painting

This is day 6 and today I got started this morning and finished up tonight. I am beginning to think this is going to be a challenge to continue ... but I will. I am hoping that over time it will be less difficult. There is a similar texture in this piece but there is a change in the color. And I also added a metallic paint which I also like.

Maybe I will work on improving my diet while painting. It's been difficult to give up eating all the foods that I love but that are also not very good for me. This would require me to get serious and not bring more of the foods that are tempting. No more deliciously good oatmeal raisin cookies, no more potatoes, no more bread. I hate it .. but i'm also tired of my expanding waist line. I'll tell you how it's going and I 'll keep painting and looking forward to seeing all of  you. wouldn't that be fun to see you ... the me if you have any questions or for any reason. have a great night!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 5 and back to red

 Today is day five and I still love painting. Sometimes it's hard to tell how these images of my paintings look cause i can't see anyone elses monitor They look pretty red hot to me. Not sure how it really translates. I am not sure what about the red I am attracted too but I am even stitching a top that will have red on it. I'll try to post a picture of it when I'm done. I like the detail of the texture and up close i find it appealing. From a distance it seems to get lost. I find that since these paintings have no image to imitate like the realism does, I strictly go by feel and I do what my gut tells me to do and to listen to that is sometimes interesting and I find I talk to my self, haha . Yes I even answer myself and say ........who cares? I get to decide. Words even pop into my head. When I was taking a long look at this before I was completely finished i thought..... Floating above chaos. Who knows why? and they aren't so visible in this painting .. but there are red dots in a few places. I guess you can see them in the details. Maybe for some of the smaller paintings I can scan them instead of photograph them. People don't seem to have the interest in these the same way that I did with the realism. I wonder if people can see beauty even in chaos or in texture. Certainly, people with lots of character or wildly different are at the very least entertaining or they poke our attention with negative or positive reactions even if for just a minute. It's all an experiment.. I'm having fun. Thanks for stopping over and send me an email if your interested in any of my work. I appreciate those that have a word or two to say .. it is after all .. a conversation. Have a fabulous day

Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 4 or 100 Abstracts in 100 days

Today is day four of 100 abstracts in 100 days. I realize that maybe i am not sure what abstract means. I say that I am painting non objective so it does not represent anything but maybe this does represent something given that there is a pattern. Maybe it is no longer non representational. This just came from my head. Much time is spent in the creation. I like looking at it ......maybe that's all that matters. Maybe I should say I am painting 100 days of free association. Painting from my brain. Maybe i will paint paintings from my heart and see what that looks like.

Today it is raining since about 3 in the afternoon. I have been painting all day. Maybe one day I'll paint emotion mood .. i'm good lately ..

I am surprised at the detail of the work .. still allowing myself to do what ever I feel like.

Thanks for stopping over.. maybe it's strange to be so different from the others. maybe there will be several different series of work in the 100 days.

If you were interested in owning this painting .. it's about 7 x 20 inches painted on wood panel in acrylic.

Have a creatively wonderful day!!! :)and yes I think this would translate wonderfully in fabric and stitching. !!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 3 of 100 abstracts in 100 days

 Today is day three... and the one thing that isn't so good about waiting till night to post an image or paint is that the light is crappy and I can't get a clear photo. So I'll probably edit the photos tomorrow so there will be some good shots of my work. I know every day can't be successful but today I felt the pressure of whether my work is good enough. I can paint any way .. no matter who validates my work or says it's good. i paint for my joy and my happiness and while I have that most days I sometimes feel devoid of talent when a group of artists that I respect, never say my work is good and then I have shades of
rejection for my painting. But again I have to always go back to the fact that this is my experiment..

Thank you for stopping over and if you would like to own this painting please email me at Let me know what you think .. thank you.