Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 2 of 100 abstracts in 100 days

Day 2!!! I am not sure what to think about doing this subject matter but it's been fun so far.There is one thing about abstracts that is very interesting. I was going to say that you are never really finished but if I really think about it I could say the same about rendering a very realistic faces as well. I really have to rely on color and composition. Funny how it works out and I am enjoying the process. I thought about calling this painting deconstructed watermelon haha. But I changed it to Shared Connections. I'm not sure how to resolve the story aspect of the blog posts.. I had great stories for my faces. Today I am tired and it's coldish and cloudy outside and a true winter day for Florida. Maybe the colors here will warm you where ever you are.

This painting is for sale. If you'd like to own it email me at It is 11x14 on canvas with acrylic. Have a fantastic day and as always love to hear your thoughts. : )

Friday, January 9, 2015

First day of Another 100 days. Remote Connections

Happy New Year!!!  I have decided that the last 100 day project was so uplifting and improved my abilities as well as building a body of work that I could be proud of, that I have decided to embark on another adventure in painting. This time I am not going to paint faces but try some non objective work. I am going to call this painting which is the first one in this series of 100 paintings, Remote Connections but I may end up calling the series this name. I apologize in advance to the distraction of my watermark but these days it seems necessary. I really love the subtly of the lines in this painting and I love the texture as well as the colors. No rules for me except to paint every day for 100 days. No doubt the days passing will improve my skills or push me into a new venue or direction which is always an exciting adventure. It took a little prompting by a good person in my life for me to recognize the value in making a commitment to myself and to you the viewing public (how ever few or many there are) in trying this experiment again. I had hoped to start on the first day of the new year but hey .. i'm human so I'm just going to start when i start and that's today. So here we go again .. This painting is acrylic on board it's approximately 16"x17" and the watermark is not on the painting. If you would be interested in owning this one I am starting these paintings at $101. to go with day one. If you would love to own this painting email me and we can go from there. I plan to continue to do interesting and unusual things with paper and paint so I hope that you will follow along and enjoy the process as I explore the exciting journey of painting 100 abstract paintings in 100 days.  thanks for stopping over and as always I love to read your comments. Have a fantastic day!!