Friday, May 27, 2011

Still Thursday after all this time

Well maybe by the end of the writing of this post it will be Friday. Ok I've tried an experiment. I know it's not much and not a great deal of effort however, I did paint a purse and I do love the paintings of trees on both sides. The experiment is that I have put it up for sale on Ebay... never done that before so .. it's just one thing but I thought I'd try it and see what happens.

If you would like to see what I'm talking about you can look here. ... so someone could get a good deal for art that goes with you haha... On the left is a photo of the same thing that I am trying to sell. If anyone has any experience with this .. feel free to give me some feedback about what your experience is. I'm new to this.

Also here are some more photos of the denim jacket that I have been inspired to do because of many things that I've been learning about stitching. I really like the idea of funtional art and that is what the stitching on clothes is to me.

Yesterday I was outside with my critters and saw this butterfly and fell in love with the pattern that was on it. So I ran inside and grabbed the camera hoping it would still be there when I got back. Yes it stayed .. there were two I thought would look good enough to post. The one I thought was just so interesting because it showed the wings moving so it was a wisp of a butterfly .. i love it.

The last thing that I have to share with those of you that are still here looking, is another jacket. My when I am old I will wear purple jacket, with my own personal embellishments. All repurposed fabric from something else. I love to do that!! I am totally in love with the idea of adding pieces of fabric that I can glue/stitch on by hand. It just seems to add so much to any fabric. I am always drawn to hand stitched items whenever I come acrossed them. 

 The back is where most of the interest is. The fabric on the bottom is fabric I picked up at a yard sale the rest of this is all from thrift store shirts or dresses. I tie dyed the tshirt. I'm still not sure if it's worthwhile to add fabric to a t-shirt yet as I don't know how well it will hold up. Guess I'll find out. I like to wear it. Well when it's cooler out .. not 90 like it's been the past few days. Ok .. hope I didn't wear anyone out  with all this. Hope you let me know your thoughts. :) Blessings to all...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Persistent Payoffs!!!!! YAY!!

 Ok. so after staying with the blog following and reading and reading and more reading sometimes it's just time to do and do and do some more experimenting. FINALLY... i decided to try the silk.. and the metal and ... wait... ok I didnt wait as long as I could have perhaps on some but there is always the future. Somebody told me once to take bigger steps in attempts to get a different result because if you kept taking little tiny steps who knows how long it will take to get the result you were looking for. Hmmmm wonder if that applies to life too? I've been in a hard space..........there are lots of aches and pains. Sometimes I do feel alone even though I know there are people that love and care for me. These cloths really keep me excited about waking up. Now it feels like the whole world is a new media and I just found a big big big box of new crayons. Yes yes ... YES!!!!! Thanks for stopping by and please leave a note .. it keeps me going .. for real.
More to come......