Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 74 and I'm tired.

Today is day 74 .. and here it is again after midnight .. i'm tired.

This portrait is painted on a piece of rusted and walnut dyed fabric. I am doing a class with Katrina Rodabaugh called Slow Fashion Style. This portrait is stitched onto a piece of rust dyed fabric as a way of combining my love of portraits and stitching. :) I have acquired all of my mom's fabric .. there is a lot. Right now we are doing a garage sale at my mom's house .. while my dad is starting to down size after moving to a new house. I want to keep everything .. I can't keep everything but I still want too .. this is a struggle .

This portrait is about 9 x 11 and .. will have more stitching then what is here .. if you would like to own this portrait just email me at

Have a good day .. again I struggle .. but it will get better soon.. See you tomorrow..


  1. Beautiful portrait again Tammy ... yes I can SEE you're tired and that
    is no surprise :-) But you're doing great
    (Must be tiring too to go through the sale of mom's memory-stuff ...
    Have a good day !

  2. Interesting! My first thought when I saw your painting (before reading your story) was that this one is a fashion model. I feel for you on the cleaning-out front as well - we went through that when my mother died and dad moved in with us. We had to do everything in a hurry and there wasn't time to go through things properly. I'm sure there were a lot of treasures that should have been kept.