Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 85 and the Red Robin babies

Today is day 85 and this is a Robin and her babies.

When I lived in SC my house was in the woods in a beautiful setting. The house was old and falling down pretty much. I tolerated a lot but I loved where it was so much that I didn't really notice the things that most people did. Over a window in the center of the house was a nest. I watched it being built. And it was amazingly wonderful. There was enough there that the egg's were in a safe nest. When they all hatched it was incredible to watch the mother bird go out and come back to feed the little babies. I loved it so much. They all yapped and she was always trying to teach them to fly. They got so big in the nest and there were five of them two more then the ones in the painting.! They were so big that they had to sit on the edge of the nest. Then finally one little bird sat on the edge flapping his wings and I thought it would be soon that they would leave the nest. They were all gone sometime in the next day or night. I loved watching their progress.

This portrait is available to you for $85 and it is about 9 x 11 and it is painting on a file folder. Thanks for stopping over and I'll see you tomorrow. :)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 84 Muffy

Today is day 84 and i don't seem to be able to do them on time .. so maybe I am lagging. Just doing the best I can .. i keep falling asleep before I get them done.

Today was moving heavy stuff at my dads so .. I'm sore and still tired .. ha .. i am looking forward to not being tired.

Today's portrait is of a maltese dog and she is Muffy. Her official full name is Muffin Michelle. She was a sweet sweet girl that my mom originally bought from a breeder in Virginia when we first moved stateside. Her close friend wanted two of them and so she bought them and we had to take care of them for a while before they could be shipped overseas. I think something else happened too but I don't remember what it was. But what I am quite sure of is the fact that we had two maltese puppies and they were so adorable and so much fun to have that my mother was not going to do anything but keep them for us. We loved them .. Muffy lived for about 12 or 13 years. She was tiny .. about four or five pounds but she was fearless and she never was afraid of any animal no matter what the size. Most times other animals would run from the tiny fluff of white fur and barking this high pitched bark at them. I think that Muffy and Beau slept with my mom and dad most of the time but sometimes Muffy got to stay with me and my sister. I hadn't thought of it before but I have now .. i wonder if they are in heaven with my mom. I'm sure she would love to be with them and pet them and love them. Makes me think there should be a song called all the pets I've loved. Or maybe i'll just write a book .. All The Pets I've Loved. I love Muffin Michelle and Beau Brummel Bianco. Sweet dogs ..

If you would love to own this portrait please email me at This is about 8 x 10, sewn cards.  See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 83 and White Squirrels

Today is day eighty three and that means that there are only 17 left to do !!!!!

Last fall I was staying with my son for a while as I transitioned from my home in SC to where I am now in the sunshine state. As we were doing things around the town that my son lives in NC, we were driving down the road where his cabin is and suddenly he was making a U turn and telling me he wanted to show me something. We pulled into the long drive of a persons home and he pointed to a tree. Knowing that I love nature he told me just to wait and they would appear. I said what am I looking for? He said they are white squirrels. I sat there skeptical for a minute and then sure enough, two white squirrels came scurrying around a tree and playing and then another came from the bushes to add to the fun.

I was amazed and delighted to see these beautiful little creatures that most people really don't like. I guess it's because they are always stealing the bird seed. Probably one of my most fun ways to feed the squirrels was a time when my family had purchased a small wooden throne that had a nail in front of a seat. The throne was small enough for a squirrel to sit in and the nail was for a dried corn cob which squirrels love to eat. I sat in front of the window many times watching the squirrels eat corn. Free entertainment I'd say .. i love nature and I love the white squirrels.

If you would like today's portrait of a squirrel it is painted on a repurposed file folder with calligraphy practice paper and wrapping paper and a scripture card all glued to the folder the cards main word "grace" can be seen i think on the arm of the squirrel. He does seem to emulate grace. the size is approx. 9.5 x 11.5. Please email me at if you are interested. See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 82 Shambell

Today is day 82 and I did start this earlier and came back to it this evening. It's been a week that feels a bit like a fog because I've been so tired emotionally and physically. Today felt more normal than usual haha. This is good.

Tonight I decided to write about Shambell. I may have talked about her before when I talked about riding horses when we lived in Africa. I learned to ride at the British Consulates. My mom used to take my brother and I when we first started going. We always went with a guide and we always got to run the horses sometime and if we weren't careful they would run back to the stables on their way back when they knew it was time to go home. I always rode Shambell. She was a beautiful black stallion. I loved this horse. I loved her. When we left Africa I was just eleven years old. By the last year or so my brother and I would walk to the stables by ourselves and ride with the guide .. it was fairly inexpensive so I was often asking my mom for money to go horseback riding. It was incredibly fun. I always wanted to brush the horse when we got back. I was always grateful to the horse for letting me ride her. This is painted on a childhood storybook that was oddly enough Black Beauty, it's what got me thinking about Shambell. This experience always had me wishing for a horse as I was growing up. Sadly, there was never again any horseback riding in that way ever again after coming stateside. Except for one time when my uncle who had horses on his cattle farm rode with me on a horse to see if any babies had been born one morning. I had told him that I was comfortable riding a horse. When he saw there was a new calf he decided to stay and watch him for a bit and asked me if I wanted to ride the horse back to the stables. I excitedly said sure! He was something of a joker and decided to put me in my place and hit the horses rump and yelled "Get!!" and of course the horse took off and ran like a race horse all the way back to the stable. I held on for dear life and had to duck to get past a door threshold going into the barn. I was lucky I didn't hurt myself .. my Uncle thought it was funny .. No matter what, I've always loved horses.

If you would like to own this horse painting email me at This painting is 7.5 x 11.5. See you tomorrow!!!

Day 81 SHE

This is Day 81. I can hardly believe that there is less than 20 days till I will be done with my project. This past week has been really difficult to paint and post. My dear friend Judy has been here with her two children since Saturday and tomorrow she is leaving. I have had a wonderful time seeing all of them. Today my portrait is painted on a piece of masonite with a horoscope on it and I found these wonderful stick on letters so I used them to create the word SHE. I found this quote and thought I'd write it here. "A woman is like a teabag, you can't tell how strong she is till you put her in hotwater." I feel like I've been in hot water and right at the moment I don't feel so strong. So I'll be optimistic and pretend I will find out later that I am strong. The next few days I plan to sleep .. haha .. I only have a few things left to take from the house and I will help the estate people but I'm not sure I can be in the house when the actual selling of the items left takes place. So here is the first portrait with this much text on it. I like it.. and here I am again a few minutes past midnight .. sheesh .. and I am having a heck of a time trying to stay awake.

If you would like to own this portrait please email me at

See you tomorrow. :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 80

Today was done on day 80 but posted later.. because I was tired yet again and I got to go and spend the day with my best friend who was visiting from my former neck of the woods. We had so much fun that I didn't make it home till late but I had plenty of time to paint ..

I fell alseep .. before i got this posted at midnight. But I am still posting this anyway ..

I'll go for close enough rather than there are no mistakes ...............

Atleast this time my reason is having fun that I am very grateful to have had. Ok I'm going back to sleep... see you in the morning ..

email me at if you want this portrait .. ciao