Thursday, February 19, 2015

Abstract 21

This is a small piece on a wood panel about 10" x 10". Sometimes the color doesn't translate so well. I think the yellow got a little too blue but it is as bright as many of my other recent works. I like the contrast of the hard shapes and the curvilinear shapes. I guess I just enjoy contrasts of all kinds cause that seems to show up on my paintings.

Today it's cold out .. cold always sort of makes me feel more lonely. I also just seem to want to stay indoors and bake yummy things that I shouldn't eat and then eat them all gone. IT's good and not good at all the same. haha...

Anyway if you would love to have this painting hanging in your house please email me at Have a lovely blissfully creative day!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day 20 Abstract and this one I love too!!!!

Tuesday and this is the work that came out of me today. I find there are things that I can paint that makes me really happy. I am going to keep trying to do this.. it does get me excited and I am then compelled to do more and more and more. It's good.

It's better than worrying about what other people think.. which are really just my own gremlins that seem to creep into my head when I least expect it. I wrote a comment on one of my new blog follower's and someone I'm following now. She was having trouble with gremlins of self doubt. She was struggling with needing validation. I told her to give it to herself. I need to go do what I told her to do.. to give myself some affirmations. I always want some artists that I admire to like my work but they never say anything about it. So I make up reasons why they don't. I really think that they secretly get together and say .. remember we can't ever say anything about her work else she think she is good at what she does. As if I did feel good maybe the work would sour or turn to mud. So where does that come from? Who knows .. maybe being told by a boy that I was good at art but that I knew it really messed with my head. I always wonder if he was angry because he thought I THOUGHT I was good at art? This has always been a statement that pops into my head like a car wreck. I don't want to care about his words or what anyone else thinks of my work. I do like hearing compliments but I don't have to have them to keep going. And I'm not planning to quit painting any time soon. I have to paint I have to make art. I really just love the experiments of combining different colors and textures together. I feel good about the way that these experiments have really been interesting. I'm going to go jump around my house and sing and be silly .. and take my little Molly outside for walk.

If you would like to purchase this painting .. email me at This is about 16 x 17. Acrylic on wood panel. Have a fabulous day!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Abstract 19 and I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!

I love how this one turned out. It's amazing to me how some work just comes together the way it does. I spent most of the day outside working on discharged fabrics. I also glue brown paper to this small canvas. I have used the marks that were on the brown paper .. they turned out to be crucial in the creation of this piece. It's fabulous!!!! Of course that is just me and my personal opinion. I love it!!! 

While I'm doing this I'm watching the 40th anniversary of SNL.. I love it .. it started when i was 15.. guess that's giving away my age .oh well .. I have laughed great deal in just 45 minutes!!!! 

This painting is about 12" x `12" and it's using the paper pieces of pattern that my mother made. I love using these pieces. I wish I had a hundred more. It's been a long starting lonely day and yet it's been very productive and ended with a fantastic bowl of chicken soup that is full of wonderful flavor with chicken, kale, onions, carrots, garlic, canniloni beans.. so tasty .. and a glass of white wine .. a wonderful end to what turned out to be a great day!!!! Life is good.

If you are interested in this great abstract... it's $119... email me at 

Have a fabulous .. rest of your day filled with laughter and joy ..............mine is.  ciao...