Thursday, February 12, 2015

Abstract 18 Letting Go

Letting go is a freeing kind of experience. The same as letting go of a string that holds a helium balloon. Letting go and watching the wind carry off the thing you were holding on to is pleasant and freeing. The red cross at the center and the strokes of white like wind or movement. The light radiating out. hatches .. dots .. strokes ..are beautiful. In some ways it is releasing light.  Love and light ..

This painting is about 12 x 14. Acrylic on wood panel.. If you would love to have this hanging in your house .. please email me at www.iwilldream4ever@aol. com

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Spiral of My Life Abstract #17

It's never for sure what I am going to be led to paint but that is the plan of what I'm doing. Maybe the painting will speak to me and tell me what's up. Kind of like interpreting a dream. I did some printmaking images back while I was newly separated from my spouse of many years and a man that came into the college saw several of my pieces hanging on the walls and he was a potential client when graphic design was my focus. I was showing him some of my work just to give him an idea of how my mind works. He was about to start a dating/matchmaking service. I will always remember that he looked at my art and said .. oh .. you have issues. I just laughed. I didn't do any work for him. I probably had too much "stuff/baggage" that may have influenced the design he wanted .. it still makes me laugh. Hopefully, my work today is a little less obvious. I'm still working out how to create emotionally charged work with out being literal. And does it even matter? I see lots of movement and again intensity. but this one I love to look at. Makes me feel like I'm going somewhere. I was listening to one of the grammy winning artists today that I heard talk about his acceptance speeches and just the fact that he won. He thanked the woman that broke his heart because it lead to a profoundly beautiful song and so many wonderfully good and happy things have happened because of that .. and it got him a grammy. He was happy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone could have or see these things that happen in their lives and you could follow the difficult paths of life to beauty and joy and wonderful happiness. If we can just cope long enough.. if we can just get to that pivot point where life turns toward goodness and acceptance. It could be a spiral into life .. or on top of life .. into new spaces new experiences I don't want to miss any of it. I am holding out for the next adventure and I am going to paint my way into it.

Thanks for stopping over and having a peek at today's painting.. contact me if you are interested in owning it. Write to me at This is about 15 x 15 acrylic on wood panel. Ciao.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Number 16 and the title is The Intensity of Shared Memories

This painting I decided to do what I mentioned in the previous post. I decided to just let the spirit move me and go with whatever comes out. I was considering the conversations I had with my son while I stayed with him. There were some exchanges that were difficult. We had some serious conversations. I do believe that as we change in life we can hear something we have heard many times and it will mean something different at some point. I don't think it's a for sure thing just a sometime thing. No matter what I remember and felt about things of long ago it will never change my sons memory and feelings about those same events. He was able to be aware of things he was holding on too and this was interesting to witness. I couldn't stop thinking about shared memories. People see and experience one event and have different results or feelings or outcomes. This is what I considered while painting. I am drawn to the contrast of color and how intense the lime green looks next to the red. The dots of color are strong and they feel more intense against a darker background. Opposing colors that look as intense as those shared memories. They scream to be noticed. The dots of different colors compete with each other. This painting feels loud with bright colors. I like looking at it but maybe it's like being in a room with loud noise, you can only take so much. Life has it's moments of intensity, that's the idea. Taking a walk down memory lane can be like an explosion of color. It certainly is a big pop of color which we can all use from time to time or tolerate or like or maybe in just the right places or once in a while. It certainly makes for a colorful life. It certainly made a colorful painting.

Thanks for coming over to read about my work. I think I like one of the comments in my last post that there are no 100 day's police that will come and cart me off to daily painting prison haha.. but it's a plan and if I give myself too much leeway I might put too much time in between. For now I'm going to relax a bit and do 100 paintings. This is number 16 and if you would be interested in owning this one please contact me at The price is $116 and it is larger then most of the others. Roughly 16 x 18 on a wood panel. Thanks again .. have a great day.