Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 65 and the Grasshopper.

Today is day 65. It's amazing that I am even here at twenty minutes till midnight posting this painting. I have been outside all day today. I have to say that the sun just has a way, it seems, to drain all my energy.And I'm not even so sure that I love the portrait .. but it is what it is. I have painted this because this kind grasshopper has been hanging out at my house for most of the summer. I find him at the oddest times an in the oddest places. I try to go out and photograph him only to have him run away or walk away haha. And I can't seem to get a clear photo of him.

Today I was at an antique show or revintage show and took my repurposed clothing and decided to add my faces to the mix. I met some really wonderful people and they told me their stories and their methods of creating art .. it was amazingly wonderful !!!I had several people tell me to keep painting or to keep sewing!! Several women said .. how much they loved what I created. I have to say that it is a boon to have these comments given to me. I feel as though I have been blessed with an abundance of support and words. It's great. but now I am tired. So .. thank you for stopping over and it will continue. If you would like to own this grasshopper email me at This little grasshopper is about 5x7 and on a recycled file divider with a piece of calligraphy paper glued to it. see you tomorrow ..


  1. Looks like you had a splendid (though in the end tiring) day :-)
    (see you tomorrow Tammy)

  2. Thank you Els .. I did have a splendid day for sure .. but yes .. tiring because I had to go home and paint a painting as a tired and sunburnt woman .. haha .. never want to do that again .. And I was back today and that Misty portrait I love. . And I'll be back tomorrow ..

  3. Sorry I'm late to comment but I've been struggling with changing my blog reader feed over to a new one and have gotten behind. Sounds like you had a wonderful makes you feel so good to have positive comments about your work doesn't it.

    1. Yes it always amazes me when people say what they say sometimes. I find that I thank them profusely for their uplifting words .. i'm so grateful to be told some of those things that they say.. it's almost as good as a sale. It goes into my heart bank.. so I often feel very rich in different kind of way.