Monday, October 6, 2014

Something different and I'm with my Godmother

Today is day fifty nine and I am sitting in the Hospice of the Comforter with my Godmother as she makes her way to be with her Lord and her dear sweet husband and other family. I left to come here this morning. I drove for a little over an hour and I have stayed this late and didn't get this posted .. I did actually do this portrait before midnight and so it count's as that days even if it is taking me longer to post it. Today's face is done with a makeup pencil on the back of a checkbook. ..

This is just life happening. There will be more posts in the days ahead.

Today I will just say that I had the best Godmother in the world I think. When I lived in Africa she would send me letters and sunday school lessons. She taught sunday school for 30 years. She was and is an amazing woman. She always sent me cards for my birthday and for Christmas. When I was little and came home from Africa with my parents she would walk me down the isle and tell everyone that I was her Godchild and now I do the same .. I tell everyone that I know that she is my godmother. I have always been loved by her and I love her just the same .. I always will. I have told her to say hello to my mom when she gets there. .. So forgive me for the lack of a highly realistic face..

If you would love to own a tiny make up face email me at haha .. see you tomorrow hopefully ... for now I am having a slumber party with my godsister sitting with my godmother in the Hospice of the Comforter.


  1. This one not only holds the pain of a passing, but also a look to the future or up to the heavens. Sending you warm hugs as your beloved Godmother continues her journey. Take care.

  2. Second attempt at leaving a comment - I'm so sorry about your special mother and I hope that she has a comfortable journey home. Blessings to you.

    1. Thank you Mary Anne .. I was honored to be with her as she left us. I was singing a song, What wondrous love is this. as she passed on ..