Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 60 and an Angelic face

Well today is day 60 and I am exhausted but ok.

My dear sweet Godmother passed into the next life and adventure this morning. I was so honored to be there with some of her family. I was there to support her daughter, my Godsister. We talked till the wee hours and this morning there was an amazing ending to her incredible beautiful life. Her son had painted a landscape of the golden path of light that took her to heaven. She had seen this image somewhere and told her son how much she loved it. She had lost her husband many years ago but still managed to enjoy a long life. In the last few years she was looking forward to going home to see her dear departed sweetheart. Today one of the CNA's that was respositioning her came to tell us that we could go into the room and mentioned that they loved the painting and noticed something very incredible. The painting had a date on it of October 2006, however, it was painted onto the painting as 10/06. The CNA said .. "oh did you see that the painting has the date of today? 10/06 .. that's what today is. It was amazing. I was singing as she was on her way .. I'm so glad that I went . i am too tired to write about the racoon.

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falling asleep............see you tomorrow


  1. The story of the raccoon is this: once my parents home was being rented out by a family while my parents were living in Japan. They would call and complain that they thought there was a rat in the house only they couldn't ever find it. But they would find the sofa's stuffing being pulled out from under it. They could never figure out where this came from. One morning they took their dog out for a walk and came home and he went to the cupboard above the stove where the treat's were stored to get the dog his morning treat. He wasn't looking at the inside and reached up to grab the box only to be startled by a raccoon sitting there in his kitchen cupboard eating the dog treats out of the box.. haha .. he of course let out a little gasp and quickly closed the door and put a broom handle through the doors to keep the animal from getting into the house. Needless to say his phone call to me bordered on hysterical hysteria.. haha The raccoon had gotten in there by climbing down the vent pipe from the roof after climbing up a pole on the side of the house by the trash cans. This little guy was very smart and very clever. That's the story of the raccoon.

  2. I'm so sorry about your precious godmother, but I do know that she's in a much better place and that you'll see her again one day. My sympathy to you and the family.

    1. Thank you Mary Anne, she was a special lady and I am really happy for her that the next phase of her life has started. She was the epitome of a "good and faithful servant" all the way to the end. I'm glad for her today.

  3. Proud and happy owner of this beautiful little masked face. Thank you so much Tammy! Safe travels. A happy new life awaits. ��