Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 39

Today is day thirty nine .. meaning there are sixty one day's to go. I can hardly believe it.. Today I got started back to the earlier time.

Interesting to note that I can't think with noise.

I am house and dog sitting. Which requires me to relocate my paints and routine to continue what I am doing. A challenge but a few perks as well. A pool to swim in during the noon day sun. Always pleasant. Nice to see if I can manage the changes and still honor the commitment. So far so good.

But I am off here today ... i suppose this will become like a road map of my time.

Every day isn't a story of the past ..

Some days are just stories of the present.

With gratitude in the eyes.. inspite of life, I am in gratitude. There is still something to look forward too.

If you would like to have today's portrait. IT's day #39 and $39. Email me at I have to say that the photo's of these portraits really do not give them justice. The excitement for me is in the details. Which reminds me .. last night while Skyping with my son and to wish my grandson a happy birthday, the eldest grandson who is six had an opinion of the face I painted yesterday. My son laughed and I laughed. HE told me that yesterday's face was creepy and detailed. I love it... see you tomorrow.


  1. Out of the mouths of children - what fun! Dog sitting - ahhh - how I wish! I love dogs but our life style now doesn't warrant having one. Both our sons are getting dogs though, so I will be able to get my fix through them.

  2. Another gorgeous drawing. I just love your work!