Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 38 and better late then never

Another file seperator .. today I just had to have the day to my self.. so the painting got done later then usual. I have to do it every day .. This face looks like an alien to me haha. I found these letters while going through my mom's things and no one wanted them so I claimed them .. So for whatever reason I added the word sing to this face. And it has another added feature .. there is a map of Georgia on it also.

I am finding that I am amazed by the validation I get that my thinking isn't always correct. I have to constantly practice letting go .. Really, there are some really wonderful things going on and I will reveal them as they happen.

So for these words sing .. I'll tell a funny little story that it makes me think of. While living in Africa and attending a small military installation American school, the last year we were there I was in the fifth grade. I had an eccentric teacher that was male and an artist but he taught all subjects. There were always alot of art projects around the different subjects we covered. His name was Mr. Ludwig. He had a silver ear cleaner. Just saying that makes me laugh. This day I came to school we all were going to the library. I quietly went along with all the other children and when we got there he asked me if I had my book. I forgot, was my middle name back then. This was my answer to him and he was clearly not happy with me for doing that so he yelled for me to go back to the classroom. Which I did. The rest of the students got to stay in the library to do whatever they were doing and I had to go back to class. The teacher followed me and I just sat at my desk doing nothing while he pleased himself reading something. This was my punishment. While sitting there .. a teacher came into the room. I could hear the conversation. It was about the future visit of the Emperor to the school. They needed some children to sing some songs to him. They would have to learn an Amharic song and they would have to be able to carry a tune. Then I heard him ask if he knew any children that could sing. I did sing in the choir. I decided to sing out my own praises .. I CAN SING .. i yelled across the room. My teacher swung around and said "you can???" I said "yes I sing in the choir" My teacher said "well be at room 12 at 2 pm today and you better not disappoint me and sing good. I was so excited and I couldn't believe my luck. Imagine what a lesson that was .. I was grateful that my forgetfulness got me such a neat opportunity. I also got to go to the downtown market and have a traditional dress made for me and of course I know that song still today. I'd sing it for you if you asked me to.

So even though it's the end of the day .. I still painted my face of the day on Day 38. So today's portrait is $38. IF you would like to have the girl with a sing .. on your wall email me at Have a good night .. See you tomorrow ..

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  1. I think your faces are simply getting better and better, which (I suppose) is the method to the exercise isn't it. I look forward to reading the story that you write to go along with your art too. Obviously your forgetful moment was meant to be!