Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 43 Still more Grandbabies

This is another grandchild that belongs to my son. This little guy just celebrated his fifth birthday. This was when he was a baby. He was laying on a blanket and the light was so nice that day. Sometimes the dark and light makes a portrait look nearly abstract. He is a sweet boy that is very active. I learned as a young mother that very active meant very busy.. sometimes too busy. I think it's natural for boys to be very active!! He is in the middle .. between two siblings. I can't remember if it was this little one or his brother that told me, when I showed him my painting of the day, that it was detailed and creepy. This made me laugh. I love their honesty. I could see why he thought it was. Children have a way of saying things that can amaze and delight me.
I love all the babies that have arrived in my life. I feel very blessed.

So it's evolving into what it is. I am learning so much about this whole portrait painting process. It's all really good so far. Some days I can't be objective about the work. But I have been getting feedback from the buyers of the portraits. Which is validating.

Now time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day .. or evening as it seems to be .. where did all the time go? Thank you for stopping over. I always like to hear comments if your so inclined. If you would like to have this sweet child on your wall . just email me at See you tomorrow.


  1. We spent part of yesterday with our grandbaby, and what a delight he is. He's really smiling now and almost laughing out loud. Next time we see him, he probably will be.

    1. They are so wonderful to be around aren't they??? I love all of mine.. immensely!!!