Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day 44 and the Joy of Dancing

This is day forty four and I am nearly half way to my goal. Today's portrait is me. I thought I would never paint myself but I don't care anymore. I wanted the face that would show how much joy I get from dancing.

I learned to waltz about fifteen years ago. I had probably waltzed a handful of times up till then. I waltzed the ordinary follow along my feet with his feet and count one, two, three, one, two, three.. and do what I could to get through. Then nearly fifteen years ago I learned the real way to waltz. Sliding my feet across the floor to beautiful waltz's. I was self conscious and overly apologetic. I didn't want to make any mistakes. I looked at my feet and never my partners eyes. Finally, I danced with a thoughtful and beautiful man younger than me, that noticed my discomfort and asked me to do him a favor. He said, "close your eyes". I said ok and with wreckless abandon I decided to put my full trust into his capable arms.  I'd seen him dance so many times that I trusted his dance ability. Suddenly the music seemed to take over my body. I felt in rhythm with my feet and I seemed to have this ability to move with the music and the man with little effort. The apologies disappeared. I felt like a little girl gliding on a swing. His subtle touches coaxed me into the moves he wanted to make, making me feel as though I was a long time dancer. I honestly felt as though I were gliding across the floor. This was the first waltz of the rest of my waltzing experiences. This became the first of many waltz's that has always given me a mountain of joy. It is one area of my life that consistently fails to disappoint me. Today's face is attached to a moment of waltzing with a man that I call a friend. Someone I have great dance chemistry with. I credit the face with the photographer who took the photo Dave Pokorney, a fellow dancing friend that takes great photos.

If you have never waltzed, your missing out. It can be exhilarating, frivolous, joyful, seductive and magical if you can give yourself to the music. Be in the music and be in the moment and never do I feel so alive or in a moment of blissful loving joy, then when I am dancing. This is what dancing is like for me. This is the face of dancing joy ... this is me.

If you would like this face of joy just email me at Have a joy filled day and I hope you dance!!! See you tomorrow.


  1. Keep on dancing Tammy !

    (and painting ;-) ....)

    1. Thanks Els I will with out a doubt do both.. :)

  2. Wonderful thoughts about dancing! What a gift :-)

  3. Another great story! I've never had an opportunity to learn to dance but admire those who can.

  4. so well described. I dream about dancing.