Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Twenty Days of Painting Faces of 100 that will be painted.

I can't believe it's been twenty days of painting every day. Doesn't it say somewhere that twenty one days of doing something it becomes a habit? No temptation to quite so this is good but I have eighty more days to go. So far a good learning experience for me and I hope that it is something that people enjoy following along. I know from past experience that repetition of something can create some kind of magic. I have had this happen atleast once in artistic endeavors. Maybe more if I think about it. I also become aware of a perfectionistic side of myself. I try to let go of that.
On to the face. I didnt' go anywhere yesterday so I had no meeting of strangers that I could photograph but I have been wanting to move away from magazines and even my purist artistic self feels that drawing/painting from a live model is a more ideal method of expressing a human form. There is a part of me, perhaps a teacher from the past that says .. painting from a photo is cheating. So i'm a cheater. I think it is perhaps because a photo flattens out the lights and darks and you can clearly see where they are. It doesn't always mean you can paint it that way and not everyone wants realism, I have done both realism and a kind of stylized face or even some pretend faces. I am not giving myself any rules so anything is open. This is a young person that is friends with one of my children. It's an old photo in my collection. I don't have the sense of youth that her photo conveys. But I do feel her presence in it. She was an age that wanted to appear older than she was.  I don't wish to say who she is or much else except to say that she was always a fun loving young person when she was around. So in my mind I will think of her today and wish wellness and good things for her. As always thanks for following my journey and please do stop and leave me a note. I've decided to add my email here so you can email if you are interested in purchasing. My email is yep .. I will dream for ever.. i know it's aol ..but I've had it for a long time. Just can't let it go. So email me if you want to purchase this or just make a comment if your too shy to post one. The size is about the same 8"x10" approx. and painted on sewn wrapping paper that was my moms (who saved every THING) and painted in acrylic. Have a fantastic day!!!


  1. Did you think you would make it this far when you began the challenge? It must have been a huge commitment to contemplate doing and now, here you are, with twenty done. Here's to the next twenty!!

    1. Honestly Mary Anne I never thought that I couldn't do it, but some kind of fear kept me from making a commitment to the world and saying I will do this. But I was afraid to make the commitment, fear of having to do it .. i know it probably doesn't make sense. If I can stay out of my head and trust the process I think I'll make it to the end and I feel confident that only good will come from it. It certainly makes me happy.

  2. Sold .. tonight!! Thank you ..