Friday, August 29, 2014

Girl with the Hat Day 22 of 100 faces in 100 days

Well the temptation here is to be critical, heavens knows that I have been. She's a little odd looking with the red cheeks but it's all an experiment in front of who ever is looking here. That is how I am viewing this experiment. I wanted to see how exposing the back ground colors more would look .. It's ok but odd appearance. So .. that was the plan .....

Who is she? She is from an old family photo of a school graduation. She looks like the teacher because she looks the oldest and all the other children are holding what appear to be diplomas. She is not.

My grandfather is one of the boys holding a rolled up document. He is very handsome and all the young people are wearing suits with crisp white shirts that have cardboard stiff collars. The boys all have ties and the girls are dressed in white. My grandfather is the only one wearing a carnation on his lapel. The teacher is wearing a dark suit that looks like it is a little too big for her small frame. And she is wearing a hat slightly tilted on her head. She looks smart, vulnerable and confident. I kind of feel like she is saying "well, I did my best." When I look at this photo I wonder what it was like for these people at the time the photo was snapped? My grandfather looks innocent. He grew up to be a hard working farmer who made his children and everyone near him very unhappy. I suspect at the time of this photo he wasn't planning that. His teacher doesn't appear to be mean even though my painting of her appears hard in some way. I think she looks messy but she doesn't look messy in the photo. Today's painting is just what I did today. It is interesting to see them all on the page at once. Not going for perfection .. well maybe a little .. but just letting it be what it is. A painting on wrapping paper.

I'm tired today .. and I have a tooth bothering me ..

Thank you as always for stopping over to my blog. Have a fabulous day. If you are interested in the  Girl with the Hat .. email me at  see you tomorrow .. haha


  1. When I saw this one I thought she was wearing a policewoman's hat perhaps and that she had been out in the cold which is why her cheeks were red. Hope your tooth is better!

    1. Funny now that say police woman's hat that is what i see . haha .. and yeah . she does look cold . It's all an experiment. I hope my tooth is better too ..thank you .. I hate dental work .. yuck!