Monday, August 25, 2014

The face of a man 18th painting out of 100 faces I will paint

I took a bit longer today.. or aaaaaaaa ok i was a little obsessed with the details of this one. I have only done one boy and one other man in this so far. Men can be harder I think when you are used to doing beautiful women but this man ......he just struck me. And it occurred to me this morning while I was painting how I still go through this incredible struggle as I create not to be self critical and yet I feel compelled to make a face speak something. Maybe it's part of being an artist that I am also an emotional person .. i don't know if that is true for all artists. I can only speak for me. As I was painting I realized that one of the reasons I picked this face is because the lips were like .. wow .. haha.. and this beautiful dark skin, then this question popped in my head, how could you not love this face and this man is a beautiful man? And i followed it with a response. (I know I talk to myself haha ) Maybe all humans should see like artists.

I know that I have been painting beautiful faces with one day of sticking my tongue out to that idea that I don't always want to paint magazine beautiful women. I decided to give myself a break and just paint what I'm moved to paint even if they are beautiful faces, it's usually the eyes that get me. I honestly think that I can't totally separate my heart from my painting. I look at the shape of the face, I look at the eyes .....eyes speak volumes. A casual look can say....much or little ....but I can't not love the incredible shapes of this face and not feel fondly toward this man .. now maybe it's because he's a man haha and I'm a woman, but I do love each one of my faces that I paint.. I think painting people feels a bit intimate to me. Maybe that's putting a lot into it but that's what I noticed today.  As I go I'm going to try to be aware of this .. I have some other ideas I'm mulling over. No matter what it is a learning process. This is for my benefit and I'm sharing this honestly with you.

Maybe today as you go about your day you will consider the idea of looking at the eyes of a person, and the contours of their face and the shape of their mouth and their nose and all the details and remember that there is a heart attached to it and no doubt we all have similar feelings from time to time, we are all human. After i reread this I thought you know I sort of do this with bugs or animals too hahah .. when I get up close and notice the details I am fascinated and I love the details .. so i love the bug haha .. maybe that's what I need to do . . paint everyone and love the world.

Well almost two hours later than I have posted the others. And yes this is day 18 so the price is yep .. $18. Message me if you would like to have this face today. ANd ofcourse I love hearing what you're thinking about my sharing and my work. I will keep going no matter what. THank you for taking a look. Have a wondefilled day!! oh and this is 8"x11" on sewn wrapping paper that my mother saved for years. :) I think she'd like that I am using it this way.


  1. Isn't there an old quote that says something along the lines of eyes being the windows to the soul? I think that's what it is about your face paintings that draws me in - the eyes and what they seem to be saying. Plenty of people possess the ability to draw faces but precious few can instill life into the eyes.

    1. Thank you my sister Mary ...........that means a great deal to me ..

  2. Ok .. someone suggested I list sold or not on these so .. This one is sold