Sunday, August 24, 2014

Girl with the Red Eye Day 17 of 100 faces in 100 days

I'm still here .. i still get so excited about the faces .. it's interesting to me, how this makes me feel. It's just good for my day .. as each day goes I feel more and more confident and i'm happy painting. Sometimes I wonder why I waited so long to make this a daily practice. I did make some kind of art every day before but not this committed. It really just makes me want to do more and more and more haha. I find when I am less and less forcing myself to paint in any particular way I find i get more excited about the results. Thats how I'm feeling today.

I had a good time with my sister yesterday and while we were at a rummage sale we ran into Claire, she was running a booth there and we happened to buy from her at the last one there. I think it was last spring when I first came back here, she was funny and we bought things from her and laughed and talked about going through my moms things and just life. This year she remembered us and we remembered her. She said "come over and take me thrifting the next time you go I'd have a lot of fun with you two." She made us both smile and we enjoyed the morning we had together.

So today's face is for sale 8" x 10" on sewn wrapping paper that my mom had saved in bags from every christmas, neatly folded. I have sewn them on my sewing machine. Today's painting is $17 and it has my heart in it .. thank you for stopping by and sharing this journey with me ..leave me a comment if you wish to own this or just want to share your thoughts I really always wonder what you think .. hope everyone has a wonderful fantastic passion filled day!!! I already am.:)


  1. I can't imagine how you can sell your daily portraits. Although, having said that, pretty much everything I make ends up being given away to friends and family so I guess the 'getting rid of' process isn't that bad.

    1. I do love each one but it is so nice when someone buys one and then tells me how much they love them when they arrive. I feel like I am giving some of my happiness away with them. A part of my passion. Thanks for stopping over.. :)

  2. Her stitch lines sing of survivor. But survivor of what? She's not telling...yet.