Thursday, August 14, 2014

7th Day of 100 faces in 100 days

Well looking back on yesterday given the situation the day before that .. i guess i was really just completely saddened by everything........and it's just a horrible feeling to feel powerless. So the weight on my heart was heavy yesterday ...i felt as though i was feeling some of the collective sadness in the world...nearly overwhelming. I suppose its a lesson in taking better care during those times. Perhaps some meditation in the garden would have been good. A long chat with my neighbor was welcome relief. So i see that in today's portrait there seems to still be some lingering sadness. Who doesn't have some of that...?
I am still excited about pushing myself to do this..i know it can and already has had an effect that is positive and good so far and we are only on day seven.

So .. thanks for the friends that poked me yesterday when i was really feeling down and made me laugh or just get by.

I have lots of good ideas percolating in my brain. And I look forward to the mornings of painting.  And these as always are for sale .. days are the price so today's face is $7. Leave me a comment or email me and it's yours! Thanks for watching. oh and this is 7" x 11" on rusted fabric. :) oh and if you are on facebook .. I'd love it if you would like my page.


  1. Your ability to paint eyes is remarkable!!! Talk about windows into the soul. Despite knowing that I should be up on what's happening in the world, I tend to avoid watching/hearing the news programs just because they leave me feeling so down. Too often the world dwells on the sad and upsetting things and totally overlooks the fact that good things also happen. Too bad there wasn't more balance.

    1. Thank you so much. I have always always loved to paint or draw eyes. They have been something I am always drawn too .. and yes .. windows to deep parts of the self...I am like you I don't watch TV i don't listen to news programs. I will on occasion click cnn news posts in my email or catch the latest breaking what the general population talk about on facebook.. and you can't always escape the horrible happenings in the world. I guess I do kind of feel that I get some balance there because many people are posting about heart warming animal stories or music that makes me happy or things that make me smile. So .. i generally feel it is a balance. I don't always know the new's view of the state of the world and that's just fine by me. :) Thanks for stopping over.. i feel silly calling you Magpie .. can't remember your name ..haha ..

  2. Drat. I just typed up a nice long response and then it disappeared into the ether again. Argh!!!!! As I was so eloquently saying (hah!).... calling me Magpie is just fine, or MA, or (my real name) Mary Anne. I answer to them all.