Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 8 of Painting 100 faces in 100 days

Today i am working on lighter rusted fabric.. it's always a challenge to decide how much to finish and how much to leave just the subtly of lights and darks. I have to tell you I have noticed that one thing seems to always get in my head when I am finishing up a painting. these are not lengthy exercises so i just get to a point where I can hear this past professor in college which was not that long ago .. he was teaching me photography and when it came to printing in the darkroom there were always decisions to be made .. he was always willing to give advice as to what it needed .. less exposure more exposure. It was a challenge even to learn the meaning of flat and hot .. in photography. I would go step by step .. tediously adding more dark or more light .. he would remind me that it was better to take bigger steps .. haha .. or we'd be here all day. so i did and over time I knew that flat meant pretty much over all gray no contrast at all .. this is where the words whitest white and blackest black. It doesn't have to be all over .. just somewhere. It gave depth to the photo.. One day when I came to him for the millionth decision of what to do next .. he just looked at me and said your on your own. lol .. finally after looking at many critiques of photos and taking bigger leaps and making sure I had those lights and darks......i got there. And I often say that learning photography changed my whole world completely..i saw the world through the camera and i noticed the light......i suddenly saw the way the light hit the power  lines in the early morning when the dew was still resting there and it glistened. I saw the way that droplets of water reflected the sun on a spider web and looked magical, I saw the power in the suns light as it streamed through the trees like vertical beams and it touched my spoke my heart..and I ran and got the camera. So i'm grateful for other media and teachers that gave me that ability to see in a new way. His name was Blake. So .. i guess I went down memory lane. I think it's a good thing. Just glad to be doing this everyday. Thanks for stopping over. Oh and yes today's painting, $8. Message me or leave me a comment. Have a light filled day, and maybe notice where it hits. :)


  1. I think our fear of making a mistake makes us be over cautious sometimes with what we do. Our sense of perfectionism gets into the mix too. I would say that you learned the lessons your teacher tried to impart pretty well!

    1. Thank you and I even heard from the professor after this posted. I did let him know but it was nice to hear from him. :)

  2. His eyes say he has a story to share.
    You're very good at eyes.
    Hey Tammy, you may like this FB page/website. It is about a young man's walk across America, and now back again. The part you may like is that he is a photographer, although most of his photos aren't even developed yet, as he wants to do that himself when he gets back home. Anyway, too much to the story...but check it out here: or find him on FB.