Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 10 and still going

Day 10 and the temptation is to judge my work. Or if it isn't just how I wanted it to turn out .. or what i'd wished I done better or whatever, is always in my head. So I am being self critical. There is a saying that I hear from time to time, "f you see it you got it".. or another one that says "you cannot see in other's what is not inside of you". If you see things in others then you have this trait in yourself. I've also heard that if you judge yourself you probably judge others this same way. This pokes me, because I don't wish to be judgmental. Then I can take it one step further .. how I wish to be with people in general is compassionate and loving with kindness in my heart. So I can practice compassion and loving kindness with myself. Today's face feels like a loving smile on my heart. I have to constantly tell myself that it is enough. My heart can be loved ...i am worth loving.

I have to say this sharing like this is a bit like cracking open the door to my closet. haha .. I fear judgement. Either way I am enjoying the process, even though I may proceed with caution. ha  And the most difficult part about today's portrait was the smile ... you have no idea how easily a line can make a smirk or a oddly strange expression. I also know that everyone see's the images with their own filters. Today I see love. And this feels good for me.

Thank you for stopping over. It is for sale so if your interested ..send me a message here or email me or comment on my facebook page, My Art of Hearts. I am trying to add as many likes on that page as I can, so more people will see what I'm doing. The more the merrier right? Have a love filled day!


  1. drat!! I did another heart-felt comment and it's disappeared again!!!!!!!! I don't know why blog-grrrrr is being such a pain at the moment. Now I can't remember what I said and that drives me nuts. Anyway.,...I know I did say how much I look forward to checking my blog feed each day so I can see your latest creation. As for the rest of it, I guess it will have to float about in the ozone layer enlightening the stars. if I said anything THAT deep!!

    1. I thought i wrote the comment below as a reply so .. just letting you know I replied below. :)

  2. Magpie Mary ....maybe if your losing the posts when you hit publish try this little trick. Highlight the entire post and hit two keys on your keyboard, hit Ctrl key in the lower left corner and then the letter c. as long as the entire post is highlighted you will be copying all those lovely words you write. If by chance when you hit publish and it disappears into the ether of internet worlds beyond .. you can simply go back and hit comment again and put your cursor in the box and hit Ctrl then hit the letter v and it will paste all those words again. You can try it atleast . see if it works. Do an experiment with gobbledegook words .. haha.. ok ..thanks for coming over and i feel so blessed that you look forward to anything I do .. thank you .. Much goodness and love to you in the ethernet world of blogging and commenting .. :)

  3. To me, this face says Greek marble sculpture.
    If done the copy the comment first trick (when I remember) works great.