Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 4 or 100 Abstracts in 100 days

Today is day four of 100 abstracts in 100 days. I realize that maybe i am not sure what abstract means. I say that I am painting non objective so it does not represent anything but maybe this does represent something given that there is a pattern. Maybe it is no longer non representational. This just came from my head. Much time is spent in the creation. I like looking at it ......maybe that's all that matters. Maybe I should say I am painting 100 days of free association. Painting from my brain. Maybe i will paint paintings from my heart and see what that looks like.

Today it is raining since about 3 in the afternoon. I have been painting all day. Maybe one day I'll paint emotion mood .. i'm good lately ..

I am surprised at the detail of the work .. still allowing myself to do what ever I feel like.

Thanks for stopping over.. maybe it's strange to be so different from the others. maybe there will be several different series of work in the 100 days.

If you were interested in owning this painting .. it's about 7 x 20 inches painted on wood panel in acrylic.

Have a creatively wonderful day!!! :)and yes I think this would translate wonderfully in fabric and stitching. !!


  1. Oh yes - you read my mind! This has fabric written all over it. It also makes me think of one of those cuff bracelets.

  2. Wow! That's exactly what I thought when looked at it -- embroidered cuff bracelet!