Thursday, February 19, 2015

Abstract 21

This is a small piece on a wood panel about 10" x 10". Sometimes the color doesn't translate so well. I think the yellow got a little too blue but it is as bright as many of my other recent works. I like the contrast of the hard shapes and the curvilinear shapes. I guess I just enjoy contrasts of all kinds cause that seems to show up on my paintings.

Today it's cold out .. cold always sort of makes me feel more lonely. I also just seem to want to stay indoors and bake yummy things that I shouldn't eat and then eat them all gone. IT's good and not good at all the same. haha...

Anyway if you would love to have this painting hanging in your house please email me at Have a lovely blissfully creative day!!


  1. Great colours Tammy !
    Love the "wood" bit in it ;-)

  2. It's been so cold here for so long now that I am already dreading next winter! Ha!

    I love this piece. I really do. It sings to me. To me it is saying, 'Rejoice in what the world has to give: the warmth of the sun, the coolness in the air and the night and everything in between. Embrace.'