Monday, February 23, 2015

Abstract #22

Today is abstract 22 and I guess this one is using some design from a previous abstract that I did. This one is very colorful. There is something about color that I've really been having a blast experimenting with combinations of. I like the contrasts of colors that are complimentary. And it seems that I have a tendency to create very graphic forms. This isn't always the case but it seems to go that way. I still get the sense of sewing while I am painting these.

Yesterday I went to a watercolor show nearby and saw a great deal of beautiful work done by local artists. Lots of talent there in the space that held the show. Then they did a little contest where five artists sat at a table with watercolor paper held down with tape and also previously drawn on by the artist. There was also a photo of the image that was being used. Five different artists had this same scenario. (All images were different). At the count of three they started painting for 15 minutes in the style that suited them. When the fifteen minutes was up it was passed to the next artist and this continued until all the artists had painted on every painting. All the paintings were signed by all the artists and they were all raffled off. I was surprised by the all the buzz this created and everyone seemed to enjoy the excitement of watching the artists at work. There were so many people standing at the tables it was hard to see what they were doing. I mentioned to one of the volunteers that they should video the artists working and project it onto the big screen they had nearby .. she looked at me like I told something in a foreign language. I didn't stay to see the end result. It would have been an hour and a half later .. five artists spend their fifteen minutes on each one and then get back their original work and finish up with final details. Looked like everyone was having fun!

Today's painting is about 12"x 12" on wood panel painted with acrylic. Email me if you are interested in purchasing today's abstract. Thanks for stopping by .. : )

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  1. I love the vibrant colors. I would have liked to see that contest - sounds like you had a great time.