Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 36 of 100 faces in 100 days

Today's face is painted on something different. I was at my dad's last Sat. and my sister and I went through some tall files out in the garage.. yes in the garage. There were two and they were full. Newspapers and file after file of bank statements and memorabilia. I have to say though that my mother had organized stuff. Everything was in a folder. This means that the type of folders changed over the years. This face today is painted on what appears to be a divider of sorts. The hole on the left held it to the bar that was often on the bottom of the file drawer and the black tab on the upper right is just that a tab for placing a card that would describe the contents of items following it. It is made of metal. It's very heavy duty. If you look closely you can see that it says .. Oxford and it's made out of a very heavy paper that has a slick surface. They just don't make them like this anymore and I really love the feel of it and the weight.

After painting white acrylic on it is has a fantastic tooth for pencil work .. I hadn't intended on drawing but when I saw how the pencil reacted to the acrylic I just decided to go with that and I have to say I did love the way that it worked. I also noticed that the time factor became an issue. It is much faster to cover an area with paint then a pencil point that is about a sixteenth of an inch. I do have a jar of graphite but it's in storage somewhere .. who know's. So doesn't have the intense black that I like but .. but this face seems to be ok with this smooth surface and light touch. It's all my experiment so I'm happy with that. And I let the green color of the divider show through.. I will use this again. I have more haha .. i'm sure that's no surprise!! I will go back to the sewn wrapping paper and envelopes and letter's and old calendars .. just had to try this out . It was calling me.

Ok so if you would love to have this beautiful face on your wall .. please email me at Today's portrait is $36. Have a fantastic day!!! Thanks for stopping over.


  1. I remember those dividers! Definitely a great surface for painting on, I would think. The bank statements would be an intriguing surface too - as long as you covered anything really personal with paint. Which leads me to thinking about painting on things like lottery tickets....old recipe cards. The possibilities are absolutely endless, aren't they.

    1. Yes I think so .. why not though .. who makes the rules??