Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 35

Day 35 and I am sure it seems redundant but I'm still here. Still getting faces done. For a long time I have needed to consistently schedule time for me to paint. I needed to make a commitment to my self to do this. I chose the faces because that's what I love to paint. I love the eyes. I think at this point I feel the pull to create larger pieces. But I will wait till this challenge is over. I do other things too... like rusting fabric and hand stitching. Embellishing jeans in a hippie sorta way and printing on fabric with bleach. I am itching to do those things too. My day seems to get filled up fast even though I am making every day. I try to balance my time with creating and just trying to get out of my head. Which usually means hitting the thrift stores. I have to say .. while I do enjoy companionship I do enjoy my own time, more than ever in my life. While hard things settle down I can focus better on improving things in my own space. Today's face is painted on an old calender in my mom's stash and a sample card. When my mom and dad were finally enjoying the empty nest my dad took a job overseas. I think my mom was the happiest woman in the world to be always on the go traveling. This time it was far from Africa just as interesting and alluring. They moved to the orient. They lived abroad nearly ten years. I'm sure my mother felt like she had won the lottery, being so close to Hong Kong where the shopping was available twenty four hours a day!!! She would write home about all that was available. We enjoyed many wonderful gifts from them while they lived there. She also added to her collection of fabric only now she could be very selective and buy the best fabrics so she would be a little discerning and ask for sample cards and she saved every single one she got, I think. Sure seems so! haha. So today's face is a bit more textural with this sample card.. the pieces stick up from the page about an eighth of an inch and they are brightly colored only subdued by the black paint I washed over them. Painting the right eye was a challenge so it came off looking better than I expected.

If you would like to own this piece of art .. it's price today is only $35. Email me if you would like to own today's face at Hope you have a wonderful day!!! See you later.


  1. This one, for me anyway, is another favourite. Before I read your story I had thought the fabric card was a stack of books. Books have been, and always will be, my friends. I have always read - anything and everything. Fabric is my other love so I was happy to discover the 'books' were actually fabric. Your mother must know and would be so proud of you for using her treasures to create with.

    1. THank you and yes I have to agree .. i think she would be tickled somehow. When I came to visit for several months her last few months of life the first month she was very clear minded. She knew who I was and I was able to show her some of the clothing items that I had stitched and she loved to see what I'd created. I think one of the last compliments I ever heard from my mother was that I had a good eye. I was very happy to have that note to end on.. she always loved art.. I do think she'd be pleased.

    2. I do see the books too .. haha .. I think it's great that they could be both.. :)