Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 34 and sometimes life is serious

Day 34.

Today I saw this face and I just had to paint those big hairy eyes. Those eyes just spoke to me about the seriousness that I feel sometimes. The past few days have been a mix of real soul searching and opportunities and moments of just letting things be. Letting life be what it is and trying to figure things out. Concentration......focus and a deep sigh. I don't have to figure everything out my self. I can just let go.
I have been reaching out to share this new journey I'm on where ever I can and so yesterday I had a wonderful reconnection with an old family friend. Or rather, my parents and his parents are old old friends from yes, when we lived in Africa. We met for the first time when I was in Washington DC attending a wedding of my cousins. My parents loved his parents and their children. I said we never met because when we were little we didn't really know each other, I am thinking he was still just a toddler by the time we left. I did play with his older brother when his mother would have us over. I always loved the smell of curry in her house and his mother's sweet soft voice. Always dressed in her traditional Indian clothing. She was extraordinarily beautiful, with beautiful dark eyes and black hair. We sent a few emails and yesterday we talked on the phone. Such a nice conversation. We talked about our lives and it was a pleasant exchange. Maybe as time goes on I am learning that the connections, where ever they come from, can lead to more pleasant memories in today, in the moments that happen now. So yes .. I'm grateful there are happy moments even when life can be serious. So this portrait is not about this family but, rather more of a reflection of me and how my brain concentrate's sometimes too hard. This face says it for me. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this face this morning.

Thanks for stopping over and if you want to have a serious face on your wall .. and hey my first landscape face. I thought about that .. all my portraits are portrait .. so this is a landscape portrait .. haha.

If you would like to have a landscape portrait of a serious face email me at and go call an old friend it may surprise you!!  See you back here to morrow! Ciao


  1. I have re-connected with the best friend I had as a child after over 30 years of not doing much more than saying hi when we met on the street. We now have long three hour lunches quite regularly and it's as if we had never gone our separate ways. We hadn't fought or anything - just grown apart, so this reconnection is like we are just starting again from where we left off.

    1. That is so nice isnt it? I have another friend here that I knew when I was a young mother. We recently got in touch and amazingly its as if time didn't pass .... we always laugh when we're together and have so much in common it's scary. so i'm enjoying that a lot.